Central California homeowners tend to neglect their garage doors until a serious problem arises. If you want your garage doors to run like new, there are a few things that you can do to keep your gear in top shape.

Critical Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Central Coast Homeowners

San Luis Obispo residents are blessed with favorable climate conditions when it comes to keeping up a house. Unless an earthquake occurs, the most that they’ll have to worry about is UV damage to their paint jobs. That’s probably why so many neglect basic upkeep like garage door maintenance. If you want your garage doors to work like new, there are two critical procedures that you should perform regularly.

Lubricate High-Friction Surfaces

Making sure that the tracks and rollers of your garage door are clean, unobstructed and slick is key. Many homeowners make the mistake of haphazardly slapping grease or WD-40 onto problem areas. Doing so will just lead to problems later on since those treatments attract contaminants that will gunk up the works. Use a dry lubricant like a Teflon or graphite spray instead. Applying a layer of lubricant once a year should be enough to get the job done.

Tighten Up Fasteners Periodically

Over time, even a high-quality garage door will succumb to the effects of constant vibration. Loose nuts, bolts, and screws adversely impact the proper operation of a garage door and can lead to more serious motor damage. At least twice a year, give your garage doors a close inspection and tighten up any loose metal hardware with a ratchet or screwdriver. Carefully tighten bolts and screws by hand to avoid stripping the threads.

Staying on Top of Your Garage Doors

Simply by following the tips covered here, you can substantially improve the functioning of your garage doors and prevent the need for major repairs. When a serious problem does crop up, relying on a San Luis Obispo garage service provider for repairs is a wise decision. Generally speaking, routine maintenance can be performed by nearly any homeowner. Complicated overhauls and upgrades require the knowledge and experience of a trained garage door specialist.