Maximize Your Garage Space Through Organization

Messy garages feel dark, cramped and cluttered. When there’s junk everywhere, it can be hard to find items or work on projects. Your garage turns into wasted space.

Don’t settle for a haphazard garage. Maximize garage space by introducing a system of garage organization.

Clean Out the Old

When you’re considering how to organize your garage, the first step has to involve clearing it out. Pull everything out of the garage. For each item, decide whether you need to pitch it, donate it, sell it or save it. If you plan to save it, keep in mind that you’ll need to find a home for it later on in the organizational process.

Before moving on, be sure to really clean out the garage. Shop vac out the cobwebs, sweep up the dirt and wipe down the walls. This step will give the space an overall refresher.

Add New Organization

Once your space is clean, you need to add in an organizational system before bringing items back into the garage.

Freestanding racks are quite sturdy. They can be ideal for holding bins and boxes of all sizes. Wall-mounted shelves are another good option. You can take these as high up on the walls as you’d like, which helps maximize your vertical space.

An assortment of hooks mounted to the wall can be handy for hanging gear and tools. This is especially handy for items that aren’t the right size or shape for storing neatly on a shelf.

If your garage is quite small or the walls are in rough shape for hanging shelves, consider replacing the structure. A new garage in San Luis Obispo will give you the opportunity to start fresh with garage organization.

Use Plastic Bins

Once you’ve installed shelves and hooks, it’s time to bring your belongings back into the garage. Each item should have an assigned spot in your garage.

Some items will lie neatly on the shelves or slip easily onto a hook. Other items, especially small ones, need to be contained, so line your shelves with plastic bins. Their uniform sizes help make the most of your shelf space, and they can be easily labeled for smart organization.