Building a new or replacement garage on your home in San Luis Obispo, California, gives you the opportunity to customize it and make it into exactly what you need. When designing the new garage, keep these considerations for its design and use in mind.

Keep These Three Things in Mind When Building a Garage

When you are considering building a new garage in San Luis Obispo, you might not be sure of where to start. Looking at other homes in the neighborhood can give you an idea of what is typical and popular. The building code department can also inform you and your builders of what is required and allowed under the code. You should also keep these three things in mind when building or updating your garage.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important consideration when renovating or building a garage. One key area of efficiency is the garage door. Make sure to choose a garage door that is well insulated. The insulation will help to reduce thermal exchange with the outdoors. The insulation also helps to reduce noise and can help to make your door more resistant to the weather.


Safety is another important factor when updating your old garage or replacing it. Today’s building materials offer key safety features such as a reduction in volatile organic chemicals in their paints and finishes. You may also wish to include some safety features such as sensors that automatically reverse the garage door so that the door does not close onto your family pet or a piece of equipment that has been left in the way.


The garage is a place where you store your automobile, lawn equipment, bicycles, tools and many other valuable items. In order to protect your belongings, it is important to include some security features into the design and functioning of your garage. Consider a steel garage door that is installed so that it cannot be opened from the outside. The people door for your garage should also be secure. Make sure that it is installed with a deadbolt lock to prevent burglars from entering.