Garage doors are structures that offer many benefits, including preventing rodents from entering your home.

A Mouse Can Squeeze Through a Damaged Garage Door

Following a garage door accident, professional maintenance services may be needed if the aluminum material is bent, warped, or cracked. Mice can cause big problems because they can easily access narrow spaces in rural areas.

How a Mouse Accesses a Garage

A mouse is an animal that knows how to burrow, so the process of squeezing into confined spaces is never a hassle. Many people think that a mouse can’t crawl through narrow opening near typical garage door components. However, since the rodent has strong legs and no collar bones, it can easily move around the most complex garage door components.

A New Garage Door is a Beneficial Investment

If electronic equipment is located in your garage, a new door can help you avoid costly electrical issues that are caused by rodents. After a mouse accesses a garage, it roams the area in order to find something to chew on. In a modern home, all the wiring runs in the wall, which is an ideal nesting ground for a mouse. By replacing your damaged door with a new one, you won’t have to constantly hire an electrician each time a rodent destroys important wiring.

Repair is Also an Option

Depending on the situation, a skilled technician may be able to keep rodents out of your garage by repairing key components. For example, if mice are running into your home because the door won’t completely close, a San Luis Obispo garage service technician can try to resolve the problem by fixing the safety sensors, gears, or tracks.