Learn about the best time to have a new garage door installed onto your home. The timing of your garage door installation may be impacted by the need for a replacement or by the season of the year.

The Best Time to Replace Your Old Garage Door

Knowing when to schedule a garage door installation can be a challenge. If you wait too long, you face the potential of having your existing garage door completely break down. If you have the door replaced in a hurry, you might not have enough time to choose the best door for your needs. These tips will help you know when the best time to replace your garage door is so that you can do some research and make an informed decision.


Autumn is a great time of the year to replace your garage door. The weather is usually mild and dry, which means that you will not run the risk of having rain or wind coming into your home while the replacement door is being installed. Getting the new garage door installed during the autumn season also helps to ensure that your home will be prepared for the rougher winter weather.


If you are thinking of selling your house, spring is the most popular season for the real estate market. Installation of a replacement garage door adds beauty and value to your home. The new garage door will be noticed by prospective buyers and will help them to understand that you have cared for the home well and replaced things as needed.

When There Is a Problem

In some cases, the replacement of a garage door cannot wait. At the first sign of a problem, it is important to have the garage door repaired or replaced so that no further damage can take place. If possible, have the installation done on a dry, mild day. This helps to ensure that any adhesives are able to form a strong bond. Mild weather also helps to ensure that the metal tracks do not expand or contract too much during the installation process.