Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Check Out the Latest Garage Door Technology Advancements

Garage door technology has witnessed several advancements in the past year. Protecting your car and belongings is now simpler and more efficient than before. Every time you open your garage door in the winter, you release heat outside that you can’t afford to lose. The cold drafts then seep into the rest of your house. If you choose insulation as a garage door installation option, you’ll keep your car warm. Constantly leaving your car in a cold environment can damage the engine and force you to spend valuable time waiting in the garage for your car to warm up. An insulated garage door is also stronger than a standard garage door.

Solar Garage Door

Energy efficiency is no longer just a buzzword. Residents living in sunny climates can harness solar power as an energy source for their garage doors. Garage door advancements include garage doors coated with solar panels. As the sun beams down on the garage door, it accumulates and stores energy. During the night, you can plug your car into the solar-powered door and charge your car. Solar paneled doors promote the purchase of hybrid cars.

Secure Doors With Smart Technology

Updated garage doors can be linked to an app on your smartphone. A monitoring system will alert you when your garage door is open. Even if you’re on vacation, you can close and open your garage door. If you already have a smart home system, the garage can be integrated into the existing system. Then you can operate the external lights and set an alarm from afar. This technology allows you to relax without driving away worried that you may have left your garage door open and provided potential thieves with an entry point into your home. Smart technology is about giving you more control and peace of mind. You can opt for an entirely new door installation or retrofit your garage door opener with a specialized adapter.