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Warning Signs That Your Garage Door Spring Is Broken

There’s nothing worse than having a garage door that you can’t use. When it stops working, you might not need a new garage in San Luis Obispo. Instead, you can hire a professional to repair the door. One of the most common problems with old garage doors is a broken spring. Thankfully, you can look for a few warning signs to determine if your spring is broken.

Garage Door Doesn’t Open With the Emergency Rope

Every garage door has a little rope that hangs close to the motor. This is the emergency rope. You can pull it to open the door in the event that it isn’t functioning properly. It’s a good idea to check this rope from time to time to ensure that it’s still working. If you can’t open your garage door using the rope, there’s a good chance that the spring needs to be replaced.

Garage Door Opens and Shuts Crooked

The spring helps the garage door in a few ways. When it goes bad, there’s a chance that you’ll notice changes in how your garage door functions. For example, the spring helps it open and close straight. If it goes bad, the door will open and close crooked. This can cause severe damage to the door itself.

Garage Door Is Jerky When Opening

Most garage doors are set up on a two-spring system. When one of the springs breaks down, the garage door can still function. However, it’s not strong enough to open the garage door in a fluid motion. Because of that, the door opens and closes in a jerky motion. It’s important to get the spring fixed as soon as you notice because the other spring can wear out fast.