What to Do If Your Garage Seems Louder Than It Should Be

There are multiple reasons that a garage door would be louder than it should be. It may be something as simple as it needing to be oiled up, and it might be as complicated as a mechanical issue that will need a more intricate repair or replacement. If you live in San Luis Obispo and have a loud garage, here are some tips on what to look for and how to solve the issue.

Make Sure That the Garage Door Is Lubricated

Often times noise can come from the tracks not being properly lubricated, creating friction that vibrates the tracks and makes a loud noise. This friction can also come from the tracks not being properly aligned in the first place, but this is less common than the tracks just needing lubrication. Make sure to use a lithium-based spray if at all possible as this is the best type of lubrication to use in this situation. If you do not have lithium-based spray available, use a silicone-based spray.

Check for Any Dents or Bends in The Track

Dents can also cause noise, but these noises are usually more abrupt and not as constant. Just to be sure that this is not the cause of your loud garage, make sure to visually check the garage for any dents or bends in the track or the wheels on the track. Dents can be hidden, so I recommend checking both sides of the track and watching it closely while the garage is opening and closing while keeping enough distance to remain safe. If there are dents on your track or your equipment is bent, I would suggest hiring a professional to fix it.

Check the Motor for Unusual Noise

Loud humming from the motor can indicate a problem with the motor’s functionality. If this is the case, I would recommend having a professional come out to repair it rather than try to repair it yourself. If none of these options resolve the issue because your garage is too old or damaged to be repaired, a new garage in San Luis Obispo may be a better option.