When to Repair the Garage Door

The garage door is like any other part of the house because it needs attention from time to time and can wear down. Due to frequent use, it’s common for issues to develop over the years. When you’re maintaining the feature, there are a few common signs that it needs to be repaired.

Lubricate the Parts

Make it a point to lubricate the parts on the garage door to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly with the tracks. Grade machine oil or a spray lubricant is recommended and should be applied before the winter season begins. Dirt and grime should be removed from the parts before everything is lubricated. Wipe off excess oil and test the garage door to ensure that it opens and closes properly. Not only will lubricating the parts allow the feature to operate well but it can also increase the lifespan of the product.

Test the Auto-Reverse Safety Features

Test the mechanical and photocell by placing an object on the ground where the garage door shuts to determine if the sensors are working correctly. The door should reverse and go the opposite direction if the object is detected and should be repaired if it closes when something is in the way. Garage doors that are older than 20 years old don’t always have safety features. If you want to stay secure, you may need a new garage in San Luis Obispo.

Inspect the Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping on the garage door also needs attention to determine if any cracks have developed. Wipe down the rubber with a damp cloth and replace any of the material if it’s damaged or has worn down. Improper weatherstripping that is present can allow rain or snow to get into the garage, making it necessary to keep everything sealed and in good condition.

It’s also necessary to inspect the rollers because they can become cracked or worn down. You’ll want to hire a professional to install new roller brackets that aren’t attached to the system.