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Garage Door Designs to Make Your Home Look Modern

You’ve spent considerable time designing or renovating your home’s exterior. Bold and modern colors sweep across the siding and make it eye-catching in your neighborhood. However, one final detail that you overlooked was your garage door. An old door can make the house as a whole look outdated. If you’re considering having a garage door installation performed, then consider some of these modern garage door designs.

1. Bold Colors

To make your garage door trendy and look fantastic, you’ll want to use bold colors. Dark blues, dark greys, and even blacks have taken the modern aesthetic by storm. You’ll also want to include trim along the garage door and its windows if it has any. The trim should either be white or black depending on what color you’ve chosen for your garage door. This helps the entire door pop out and look regal against the rest of your home.

2. Modern Materials

While most modern aesthetics involve concrete, marble, or quartz, you can’t exactly use those on your garage door. However, you can use wood. Another staple of the modern aesthetic is the use of natural materials. A wooden garage door escalates the beauty of your home. You may choose to keep the wood its natural color or you might want to paint it a deeper and darker brown. By using natural wood, the garage door will look sophisticated and on-trend.

Play Around with Garage Door Designs

When you need a new garage door installed, don’t simply have the door replaced. You should use the opportunity to escalate the door. By using bold and darker colors with white trim, you can make your garage door look modern and rich. You can also use a natural material like wood to make the door look regal. By combining these two elements, your garage door will no longer look like an eyesore. Rather, it will be a feature of your home that catches everyone’s eye.