When it is time for you to replace your old garage door, you may be surprised at the differences in the current generation of doors compared to doors manufactured 20 years ago. You can use these changes to your advantage and enjoy more convenience and energy efficiency.

Technology Is Changing the Design of Garage Doors

The garage door of your home might seem like one of the least technologically innovative components of the entire structure. As the technology behind building construction materials, home control systems and construction techniques has advanced, so too has the design of garage doors. When it comes time for you to consider a new garage door installation, keep in mind these three ways that technology is changing the design of these materials.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient foam cores and insulation are now being used in nearly all types of metal and vinyl garage doors. These materials help to reduce unwanted air exchange between the interior of your garage and the outdoors. If your garage is heated and cooled by your home’s heating and air conditioning system, this improved energy efficiency could lower your utility bills.

Wireless Alarms and Locks

It used to be that you had to manually lock your garage door if you wanted to improve your home’s security and reduce the risk of someone entering your garage without your permission. Today’s garage doors offer the opportunity to make use of wireless alarms and locks. You can have these locks integrated with your home’s security system so that the monitoring agency is alerted if someone other than yourself opens the door.

Automated Controls

Automated home control systems such as the Nest are now compatible with new garage doors. This type of technology allows you to control the operation of your new garage door from any location and any device that has a Wi-Fi connection. This means that you can use your phone, iPad or laptop to open, close or check on the status of your garage door. If you can’t remember whether or not you closed the door before leaving home, this technology allows you to control it remotely.