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When to Install a Sectional Garage Door on Small Garages

After about 20 years, most garage doors need to be replaced. Exposure to heat, cold, sun, wind, rain and frozen precipitation as well as dents and dings cause a lot of wear and tear to the door. When it comes time for your new garage door installation on a small garage that fits one car, there are many benefits to choosing one that is made in sections instead of a single piece.

Size of the Garage

A sectional garage door is ideal for a garage that measures at least 8 feet wide by 14 feet deep. This 112 square feet of space is needed in order for the door to work with a mechanical opener. There should be at least 7 inches of headspace above the door if you plan to install an electric door opener. Sectional garage doors are available in a full range of sizes, styles and colors, and there are insulated options available. You can select different materials, such as steel, aluminum and fiberglass.

Easier to Get in and Out of the Garage

Sectional doors make it easier to get your vehicle or stored items into or out of the garage. When the door folds up into sections, you do not lose valuable storage space or space to maneuver your vehicle. You get the full size of the door’s opening in order to drive or back into and out of the garage. Other types of doors would block some of the door’s frame even when the doors are fully opened.

Works With Electric Door Openers

Sectional garage doors work well with electric garage door openers. Their relatively light weight means that you can select a garage door opener with different horsepower levels based on how often you open and close the door. Garages with doors that swing out cannot accommodate an electric door opener.