This blog post will tell homeowners the steps they should take when opening their garage door in the event of a power outage in their local area.

Opening Your Garage Door When You Have a Power Outage

Your garage door opener acts as one of the handiest tools in your homeowner arsenal. Even though they’re extremely convenient, many of us take our garage door opener for granted. When a power outage stops a garage door from working, you may experience a large amount of inconvenience. For example, how will you get your vehicles in and out of your garage?

Once you have the knowledge, opening your garage door without power isn’t difficult. This blog post will give you the steps to keep your garage door working when the power is out.

The Bypass Trigger

The door of your garage probably contains a mechanism that shuts off the automatic garage opener and lets you use the door in manual mode. That rope hanging down from your garage door is called the bypass trigger. When you pull on the cord, the opener separates from the garage door mechanism. Yank the cord and put on the trigger when your door is closed. If you pull on the rope while your garage door is open, the door could slam down and injure people and pets with its violent force. Pull the cord as close to your door opener’s motor as you can. This allows the rope to stay out of the way when the door is working in manual mode.

Steps to Take When the Power Comes Back

When the power returns, reattach your garage door to your door opener. Pull the rope. At this point, your garage door should snap back into position. You can also push the button on your door opener. When the opener comes to the right point, the spring will reconnect and your garage door will be back to normal.

If Your Garage Door Doesn’t Work After Your Power Returns

If your garage door doesn’t work with your door opener after your power comes back, you will need to call experts in garage door repair in San Luis Obispo. Sometimes, your garage door won’t work after an outage because the return of power brought on a surge that made your garage door opening system inert.