This blog post will discuss the various types of garage door openers a homeowner can choose. The post will talk about the three types and their differences.

The Three Types of Residential Garage Door Openers

Many homeowners choose to install their automated garage doors because they can personalize variables like speed and noise. You can choose from three types of garage openers, all of which have their benefits and disadvantages. However, the garage opener that you pick will largely come down to your preferences as there is no clear winner in this category.

Garage Door Openers: Chain Drive

The oldest type of automated garage opener are the chain drive units. The chain drive garage door openers run your door on a track. Its chain pushes the trolley that connects to what is known as the J-arm. The J-arm attaches to your garage door.

These units cause vibrations and some noise. It is for this reason that chain drive units are more preferred for detached garages than they are for other types. Some homeowners want this warning so they can know if someone is coming onto their property. Over the years, the technology has improved so chain drive units have gotten quieter. Many experts consider this unit to be an inexpensive option for homeowners.

Garage Door Openers: Screw Drive

Screw-drive garage door openers operate with a trolley that rides on a rod. This rod will rotate with the motor to move your garage door. Screw-drive units don’t need to work under the pulling and pushing of the belts and chains of the other two types of garage door openers.

If you want fewer garage door parts to look after, screw drive units are your choice. But because they are sensitive to temperature, experts do not consider this the best option for places that see extreme changes in its weather. They are also noisier than their belt drive cousins. This unit tends to be the most expensive of the three types of door openers. If this type of opener ever breaks, it’s best to call a reputable company for a garage door repair in San Luis Obispo

Garage Door Openers: Belt Drive

The belt drive garage door openers make a lot less noise and have a sleek appearance. They use the same parts as chain drive garage door openers, except that this unit uses a belt instead of a chain. The belt takes away the noise made by a chain drive opener. The belts come from polyurethane, fiberglass, or steel-enforced rubber.