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Precision Door: 10 Alternatives to Wooden Garage Doors

No matter if you live on the East coast or the West coast, a wooden garage door is going to be highly desired by homeowners. In fact, installing a door made out of wood can actually increase the value of your home. Unfortunately, wooden doors are often not attainable nor feasible for homeowners. This is because they are high-maintenance garage doors and can be extremely expensive to purchase and install. The good news is that you’re not out of luck just yet. Read on to learn about 10 alternatives to wooden garage doors from Precision Door.

1. Woodgrain-Textured Steel Precision Doors

Incredible innovations in technology have allowed companies such as Precision Door to get their hands on new wooden garage door alternatives. One of those includes woodgrain-textured steel doors. As the name suggests, the door is actually made out of steel, but through the use of new technology, manufacturers can now imprint highly realistic wood textures right onto the steel doors. In addition to the wooden look, this new technology also offers homeowners the ability to choose the type of wood they want imprinted on their door.

2. Wood-grain Vinylboard

A much simpler process of adding that wooden look to your steel door is through the use of a wood-grain vinyl board. This look is accomplished by having the outside vinyl trim embossed with your chosen wood-grain material, thus giving the door that wooden garage door style. Customers have a number of opinions, including the Carriage House look. It is highly recommended to have a Santa Maria garage door repair company install this trim as you want to make sure that there are no imperfections.

3. Faux Paint Wood Garage Doors

If your current garage door is made out of steel or aluminum, but you really want that wooden look without having to spend thousands, then using faux paint on your garage door may be your best bet to realizing that dream. However, because the painting process can be a little complicated, you may want to see the services of a garage doors Southern California company.

4. Wood-Grain Doors With Insulation

There’s no doubt about it; one of the most common questions made to garage door Paso Robles companies is if they can insulate their doors and have that wooden look. The good news is that yes, you can have both. Wood-grain doors are made to provide you with a wooden look without sacrificing your home’s energy efficiency.

5. Wood-Grain Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass garage doors are highly sought-after because of their durability. However, it can often be a little too dull for some homeowners. This is why manufacturers have put in the work to provide homeowners with wood-grain fiberglass doors. This style involves giving the fiberglass door a unique design and then applying the wood-grain to it.

6. Carriage House Wood-Grain Texture Door

One of the most popular designs on the market for a garage door is the carriage house look. However, creating and manufacturing a real one can be extremely difficult and costly. Thus homeowners will often opt-in for a carriage house-looking garage topped off with a wood-grain texture to it.

7. Wooden-Panel Garage Doors

If the thought of simply painting your garage door to look like wood is not your preferred option, you may be able to attain that authentic wooden look without spending too much money. Although still expensive, many homeowners choose to simply apply wooden panels onto their garage doors.

8. Wood Composite Garage Doors

Designing and manufacturing a door purely from wood is understandably an expensive and lengthy process. A great way to go around that and still have that amazing wooden look is to opt-in for wood composite garage doors. This involves a mixture of wooden fibers rather than one original piece.

9. Faux Garage Doors with Weathersealing

Although faux paint provides homeowners with that amazing wooden look, adding back your weatherstripping can make it look a little odd. Fortunately, there is a solution to that issue. All you have to do is replace your past grey/black weatherstripping with one that holds the identical or color to your newly painted door. These can be simple slip-ons to the more expensive wood door stop insert.

10. Wooden Garage Door Skins

A lot of research and money has gone into increasing the options for homeowners who really want that wooden garage door look and wooden garage door skins are the result. This process involves receiving your garage door skin within a box and simply applying it to your door. The process is simple, cost-effective, and will no doubt transform your door into that wooden style that you’ve always wanted. Note that this option can be a little pricy, with some skins costing up to $1,000, but many will still see this as a small price to pay for the look of a wooden garage door.