Precision DoorWhen to Call Precision Door for Hairline Crack Help

A hairline crack is a thin crack that is about the width of a strand of human hair. This type of crack can occur because of temperature changes or for other reasons. You may not even notice that your garage door has one until it grows. The danger of leaving the crack untreated is that it can keep growing and spread to other areas of your door. Take a look at what a hairline crack in your garage door can mean before you call Precision Door.

Temperature Changes

Some people think about Southern California in terms of its sunshine and fun beaches. As someone who lives in the area, you know that temperature changes still occur. Winter temperatures can drop so low that no one wants to hang out on the beach let alone jump in the water. The temperature changes that happen between night and day can cause some cracks to form. Your garage door will expand and contract as the temperature changes. The panels in the door become brittle with time and can finally begin cracking.

The Door Is Old

One of the top reasons companies that specialize in garage doors in Southern California find for cracked doors is that they are simply too old. You have the choice of adding a wood or steel garage door and picking one that includes windows or has no openings. With Precision Garage Door, you also have the choice of adding an opener and other options. While some doors last for up to 20 or even 30 years, others usually only last for 10 to 15 years. If you have an older door, you’ll likely see a few cracks.

Water Damage to a Precision Door

Have you ever had a leak in your roof and saw the damage it left behind? A leaky roof can let water seep into your ceiling. It forms large pockets of water that cause the ceiling to bow. When the pocket breaks, the water can either form a tiny leak or cause a geyser that leaves behind a huge crack. The same thing can happen with a garage door. A Southern California garage door repair company can remove the old door and replace it as needed.

Water damage often relates to the high humidity found in Southern California. The humidity in your garage can build up and send droplets of moisture through the air that cling to the door. Water can also reach your garage door as it falls out of your gutters. The water can peel away any paint that protects the door and reach the interior material. There’s also a risk that the water will cause the door to crack.

Motor Issues

If you have a newer garage door that works with an opener, you may see cracks forming around the motor. The motor usually sits in the center of your garage and hangs from the ceiling. When you open the door, it raises and moves back into the garage where it can come into contact with the motor. Using the door every day can lead to cracks forming. This happens as your door hits against the motor. While the cracks are usually quite small, they can grow larger with time. You will usually see the cracks around the top edge of the door, but they can spread down to the center and bottom of the door too.

Lack of Support

There’s also a chance that you might see one or more cracks because you don’t have the right support. A company that is knowledgeable about garage doors in Paso Robles should install a strut if you need one. A strut is a piece that sits above the door to support both it and the motor. If you do not have an existing strut, you need to add one. The right company will measure the opening to your garage and determine what size strut you need. A missing strut can even cause your door to fold in half.


Some people find cracks in their garage doors and think that they have a serious problem. You may not know that someone struck the door, which caused the crack. A hairline crack can form if a neighborhood animal hit the door when running through your yard. Larger cracks often go along with accidents that involve one or more other vehicles. Even driving at a slow speed, a vehicle that strikes the door may cause some damage. If you see an area of the door that looks pressed in with cracks radiating out from it, it likely happened because of a vehicle.

Ways to Fix Cracked Garage Doors

Precision Door can help you repair your garage door and take care of any cracks you see. You should never attempt any DIY repairs because you don’t know whether the crack relates to the motor or another part of the door. Braces are just one way to repair garage doors. The braces are only a temporary solution though. They work today and may work for a few years but will eventually fail.

A more permanent solution that a Southern California garage door repair company can offer is a replacement of the damaged panel. This is only possible if you have a door with multiple panels and the company still makes the door. The repair tech you work with will contact the manufacturer and get new panels. It can take four to six weeks before the panel arrives. The repair itself only takes a few hours in most cases.

Another way to take care of cracks is with a new garage door. If you thought about buying a new door in the past but kept putting it off, now is the right time to snag a new one. Garage doors now come in several different types that work in most garages. While sectional doors are perfect for garages with multiple bays, roll-up doors are better for garages with limited space. You’ll also find hinged doors and sliding doors. Don’t forget that you can choose from different materials and colors too.

Hairline Cracks Aren’t the End of the World

While you might worry the first time you see a hairline crack on your garage door, it isn’t the end of the world. Those cracks often occur because of excess moisture or cars backing into them along with temperature changes and a lack of proper support. Even if you don’t know what caused the hairline cracks to form in your garage door, you can call Precision Door and get help repairing or replacing it.