precision doorThe Precision Door Definition of Warping

According to professionals at Precision Door, warping happens when your garage door seems like it is bowing or caving in. One part of the door seems to bow more than the opposite part, often the top part. A warped door is easy to spot just by looking at it. Warped doors also produce a lot of noise when opening and closing, and you will notice that they are straining when trying to operate them. Warping occurs in both wooden and steel doors but is most prevalent in wooden ones. You can seek a Southern California garage door repair specialist for help.

Contributing Factors to Garage Door Warping

Garage door warping is caused by various reasons. These could be natural reasons or a mechanical failure of some door parts. The extent of damage can be managed by getting the faulty parts fixed as soon as possible.

Mechanical Reasons

The warping can occur due to a malfunction of your garage door opener. If your opener is smaller than it should be or is not supported properly due to wrong positioning, it will put extreme pressure on your door and cause it to bow or cave in. Do a thorough inspection of your entire door system, from the door opener to the door itself, to see if any parts are not functioning properly. If you cannot establish the problem yourself, involve experts like Precision Garage Doors from Southern California as they are in a better position to help.

Natural Wear and Tear

Your garage door may begin warping due to natural wear and tear. Fluctuations in temperature are a major cause of your door’s natural wear and tear. Wooden doors are more prone to destruction from extreme temperatures than their steel counterparts. Your garage door and opener parts may also experience normal wear and tear as they get older, which will put a strain on your door and may eventually cause it to start warping. You should try to assess all the parts of your door system to establish the cause of the bow. If you cannot do it on your own, get experts from Precision Garage Door Service to inspect and repair it for you.

Large Temperature Differences Inside and Outside of Your Garage

If either the interior or the exterior of your garage is extremely hot and the other is extremely cold, a wooden door will start bowing. A warped door will usually cave in the direction of the hotter side. For example, if it is winter and the inside of your garage is extremely hot, the varying temperatures may cause your door to start curving towards the inside. Likewise, if the temperatures are extremely hot outside like during summer, and extremely cold inside, your door is likely to start bowing outwards. Your door should withstand slight differences in temperature without a problem since it is normal to have slight temperature fluctuations. The damage happens when the temperature fluctuation is extreme and abrupt.

Your Garage Door Quality

Another reason that could lead to the warping of your garage door could be the quality of the door materials. Using the wood of lower quality for wooden doors will increase the risk of warping and bowing. Higher quality wood is resistant to most elements, and its wear and tear are very slow, but lower quality wood will be susceptible to damage from many factors, even ones that are not extremely dangerous. Lower quality or worn-out steel could also be prone to such damages. Look for experts like Precision garage door Paso Robles to advise you on the best doors according to your environment.

The Look and Direction of the Door

It is highly unlikely that your door’s warping is a factory defect, but some types of doors are more prone to bowing than others. Doors painted with darker colors are more likely to suffer from bowing than lighter colored ones, especially if they are directly faced towards the sun. Also, huge, and heavy garage doors are more likely to experience bowing than smaller and lighter ones. While this is not a common reason for serious damage, it also contributes to your door’s warping.

Why Do You Need to Repair a Warping Door?

The most obvious reason is that a warped door is not pleasing at all to look at, and it decreases the value of your home. A bowed door is most likely to experience strain when closing or opening, leading to further damage when it comes to function. Doors are designed flat to enable smooth movement, and when a part of it is bowed it takes much more effort to operate and is likely to get stuck most times.

Failing to repair a warped door on time can lead to additional damage. It can lead to faster wear and tear of the entire garage door system. Neglecting a bowed door can lead to a burnout of the door’s motor and put extra pressure on the springs and rollers, which will cause them to break apart eventually. A damaged door also compromises the safety and security of your garage and your home in general.

How Precision Door Repairs a Warped Garage Door

Even if only one panel or a small portion of the garage door in Paso Robles has been damaged, you should never overlook it. The more you neglect it, the more damage you will cause to the door system, and the cost of fixing it may be too much. If one panel is affected, you can easily replace it by yourself to save on cost. However, if a significant portion has been affected, you will need to call a qualified technician from Southern California garage door repairs.

In most cases, warping can be repaired by adding struts that lift the additional pressure from the door and return it to its normal form. However, the specific repair to be done on your door is determined by the exact problem of the door itself and the extent of damage that has occurred. If the bowing is minor, sanding it down would completely fix it and return it to its natural state. Precision door specialists should be able to examine and fix your door’s issue for optimal functioning.

In the rare occurrence that your entire garage door in Paso Robles has been affected by warping, then the normal repair cannot fix it. You will need to remove the whole door system and replace it with a new one. This can be very costly, but it can be prevented by conducting routine checks to ensure everything is working properly and detecting any defects at an early stage to have them fixed before they damage the rest of the door. Adding struts also increases your door’s stability and prevents unexpected damage.