Precision doorHow a Precision Door Can Protect Cars From People Who Have Difficulty Parking

All it takes is one tiny mistake for you to drive your car right through your garage door. Even if you miss the door, you might hit one of the walls as you drive inside. Chronically bad parkers often lose focus on what they need to do. You might find yourself distracted by a child playing in the street or your dog running around the yard. Precision Door can help you choose the top design tips for your garage that will protect both it and your car.

Opt for a Smart Opener

The same companies that handle Southern California garage door repair calls can install a smart opener on your garage. Do you still have one of those old openers that you keep in your car? These openers have just one button that you press when you need to open or close the door. When you’re in a hurry or distracted, you might forget to push the button and smack right into the door. Smart openers are perfect for people who have a challenging time parking because they have features that remind you to open the door. You can even choose one with a sensor that will keep the door from closing if any part of your vehicle is in the way.

Use a Parking Mat

Some people find that they have an easier time parking in public than they do at home. It’s easy to see why too. Parking lots have bumpers that let you know when you pulled in too far and need to stop. You can get the same help at home with a parking mat. A parking mat is a mat that has one bump near the front and another in the back. A garage door repair Santa Maria company can install the mat with the second bump near the back of your garage. When you pull inside, you feel one bump that lets you know you’re in the garage and a second that tells you to stop.

Install a Parking Assist Device

If you use Precision Door to install a double garage with room for two cars or already have one of these garages, consider a parking assist device. It has a simple and compact design that won’t take up much room in your garage. Two lasers shoot out from the bottom to help you pull into a parking space without knocking into anyone or anything. You can choose one that plugs into an available outlet or one that runs on batteries. When you work, you simply keep your eye on the laser. As soon as it touches the center of your dash, you know that you’re safe.

Get Rid of Clutter

Many people use their garages as extra space for things they don’t have room for in their homes. You probably have a few boxes of holiday decorations sitting next to your mower and landscaping tools. A big reason you might have small accidents when parking is because you just have too much stuff. Now is a good time to get rid of the extra clutter. Ask yourself if you really need all those decorations or if your family will use all the outdoor toys and supplies you have tucked away. You might find yourself surprised at how much space you can free up when you get rid of your clutter.

Add More Organization Tools

While Precision Garage Door can’t help you organize your garage, you can get help choosing from all the top garage doors Southern California designs and installing the one you choose. If someone in your family has a habit of crashing into things as they park, consider moving most of your stuff off the floor and away from the walls. Ceiling organizers are perfect for garages because they give you more clearance. These organizers can store both bikes and toys as well as tools and old boxes. Using organizational tools can help you move things that would otherwise damage your car.

Light the Garage

Another way you can prevent accidents and damage caused by chronically bad parkers is with new lights. Motion-activated lights are affordable enough to fit any budget and are also easy to install. When someone drives up and gets close to the garage, the lights will pick up on the motion and turn on instantly. Some people are bad at parking at night because they cannot see clearly. If you don’t have any lights around your house or on the street, adding some of your own can help.

Consider Parking Blocks

Do you have a tough time parking when you get home from work because you can’t see where to park in your garage? Go with a set of parking blocks. Also known as parking barriers, the ones designed for home use are the same ones you’ll see in commercial lots. They usually use concrete but also come in steel designs. You can place one block near the back of the garage to let the driver know when to stop before they hit the back wall. It’s also helpful to place a few in the center of the garage to distinguish between the parking spots.

Go With a Lift

There may come a point where you give up on keeping your garage and car safe from other bad drivers in your home. Before you give up, talk to a Southern California garage door repair expert like Precision Door about installing a car lift. This is a metal device designed to give a single parking space room for two vehicles. When the first person drives into the lift and parks, it will secure the vehicle and then slowly lift it into the air. The next driver can then pull right in and park below the first vehicle. While garage lifts do cost a little more than parking aids, they come in handy as a way to protect your car from the bad parkers in your life.

Precision Door Designs You Can Use

There are few things worse than living with someone who cannot park and coming home to find that they once again scraped their car against a shelf in the garage or knocked into your car. Thanks to some new design tips, you can protect both your car and garage at the same time that you help them park. You can choose from assist devices and bumpers or add new lights and a car lift. Companies like Precision Door can help you choose and install the right products to protect against bad parkers.