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Strategies for Child-Proofing Your Garage Door From Precision Door

For parents, grandparents, and other homeowners whose houses see a lot of foot traffic from tiny feet, child-proofing the home is a vital part of keeping the home safe for everyone who comes through the door. Garage door safety is an important component of that child-proofing process, and by following these helpful tips from Precision Door, your experts for garage repair in Southern California, you can ensure the garage area is a safe place for the whole family, including the kiddos.

Consider Repositioning Your Garage Door Opener

When children come into the picture, there are plenty of items that suddenly need to be placed on a higher shelf or otherwise out of the reach of small hands. Your garage door opener is one of those items that may require a bit of a vertical lift.

Check with Precision Door, your local specialists for garage doors in Southern California, to see about having your garage door opener moved to a more secure location higher on the wall or door frame. You also want to make sure to keep any garage door remotes in safe places. They should be kept out of the reach of curious little hands that may be eager to push those buttons.

Install an Auto-Reverse Feature in Your Garage Door System

One important component to consider when child-proofing your garage door is an auto-reverse feature. Adding this device will keep the door from closing on any item or person that may be in its path when the door is in motion. Auto-reverse mechanisms protect not only children who might stray into the door’s path but also any items such as bicycles, scooters, or other toys that may have been left lying around.

Sensors for auto-reverse features can be installed in low positions to detect even small children or items left in the way. With an auto-reverse component, any motion or obstruction in the door’s path will trigger the door to reverse and move back up out of the way. This helps prevent injury or damage to property.

Check Your Precision Door’s Photo Eye or Install a New One

The photoelectric sensor, or photo eye, on your garage door is one key to keeping the overall door system safe. It ensures the stop or reverse mechanism is working properly. Be sure to clean the photo eye periodically to remove any dust or dirt that may be clouding the sensor. If the photo eye looks to be out of position or the door isn’t functioning as it should, contact a garage door service like the experts at Precision Door to properly readjust the component.

If your garage door was installed prior to the early 90s, your system may not include a photo eye at all. Again, consider having this safety feature installed by professionals to help keep your garage safe for the little people that share your home.

Ask Precision Door About Sealing Gaps in Your System

Small hands love to explore. Unfortunately, those tiny fingers are just the right size to get stuck in or smashed between garage door components that are not properly sealed or secured, leading to trauma and potential injury.

Be sure to inspect your garage door regularly and seal up any gaps you may find throughout the system. Spaces between door panels can be completely closed up by installing custom-fit rubber seals. You may want to consult a professional garage door repair service to ensure a proper fit for your specific garage door system and long life for this safety feature.

Add Door Locks to Your Garage Door

If you need an additional child-proofing backup feature, you can also add door locks to your garage door on either the inside or the outside of the door. This extra measure will ensure that, even if a small child does get their hands on the garage door remote or reach the opener, the door will not be able to move. Where you choose to install the lock will depend on your specific needs and concerns, so consult Precision Door to find out which type of door lock may be the right fit for your home.

Additional Safety Features for Your Garage Door

Beyond the measures outlined above, there are additional safety options that may be available for your garage door system. Consult your garage door repair company to find out about possible sound sensors or proximity sensors that can sound an alarm when someone is near the garage door alerting you to the potential danger. This may be helpful if you have neighborhood kids that frequently play in the area. And ask about any specialized garage door guards that may be available to help give further assurance that no one will be injured when your garage door is in motion.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance Is a Must for Safety

When childproofing your garage door, one vital item to add to the list is regular inspection and maintenance. Put it on your calendar and stick with a regular routine to do a visual inspection of all components in your garage door system, from springs to sensors to the door itself, so you can address any safety issues before an accident occurs.

Check often to make sure your garage door is running smoothly on the track and that any auto-reverse features you may have are all executing as they should. And at least once a year, be sure to call in the professionals at Precision Door to give the garage door system a complete inspection and tune-up. Child-proofing your home is all about preventing accidents from happening in the first place, so never skimp on garage door maintenance.

Most importantly, talk to your kids about garage door safety at an age-appropriate level. Make sure they understand the door is heavy and could hurt them if they get in the way of its movement; so teach them to stay clear of a moving garage door. Also, emphasize that operating the garage door opener or remote is strictly a grown-up job, and that these rules are to keep them safe. And any time you need service for your garage door in Paso Robles or throughout the Southern California area, call the specialists at Precision Door to help keep your family and your garage door safe and on track.