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The Most Popular Garage Doors From Precision Door

Garage doors are not just there to permit entrance or exit from your garage but have a fundamental impact on your overall home’s appearance. They also provide the initial open/shut characteristics that make items safe from external elements. Therefore, if you want to add some aesthetic value to your curb or replace an old door, it is imperative to understand the type of garage door to choose from. It is also crucial to know the material of the door, finish, color, and other particular options such as windows, insulation, and hardware that you want to use. Below are some of the most popular Precision Door garage doors.

1. Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are the most common type of garage door. They are long-lasting, cost-effective, and require minimal maintenance. To promote your curb appeal, personalize them with various panel styles, window designs, paint colors, and others. If you are looking for a new garage door, contact Precision Garage Door, and we will help you select the best option for your needs. We have numerous types of garage doors in South California to fulfill the needs of all our customers.

2. Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors consist of panel sections attached with hinges and equipped with rollers that run along the same direction. They also have a pair of powerful springs connected to the cables that operate the door and prevent it from moving down. Widely used in residential areas, sectionals may come with or without windows. Their panels come in different shapes and styles, such as square, arched or traditional. One major perk about sectional garage doors is that they have a broader passage, making entrance and exit from the garage less complicated. With this type of garage door, you can enjoy an extra 140mm drive-through space, making parking highly convenient.

3. Slide to Side Garage Doors

The slide-to-side garage doors function by flexing to one side of the garage and sitting equivalent to the wall. They do not need balancing springs and have an integrated retractable motor for instant operation without incorporating a ceiling-mounted operator. They provide numerous arrangements and personalization since you can have one big paneled door or two parting doors. Luckily, when choosing your sliding door, you have a chance to personalize any design options concerning the hardware, materials, colors, and others. It has zero bureaucracies when it comes to usage as it can be opened and closed effortlessly. If you want to install or repair your slide to side garage door, contact precision door as we are the number one Santa Maria garage door repair. We take pride in the industry’s most profound training programs and a qualified team that can handle repairs to your garage door.

4. Wood Garage Doors

Having a real wood garage door can be an enviable perk. Designed from exotic woods such as hemlock and mahogany, wood garage doors exhibit a more natural look. They have a charming aesthetic and are commonly used in high-end homes, especially when the exterior façade is stone or stucco. They do not curve thanks to their construction using solid, thick, and heavy layers of wood. This style of wood is an outstanding highlight to complement the architectural style of a home. They have a significant amount of natural strength, and if properly maintained, they can last for more than 20 years.

5. Carriage Garage Doors

Traditionally, carriage garage doors were available in wood thick iron hinges clasping the door at the sides, permitting it to swing forward. Today, there is a paradigm shift in carriage garage doors as they are no longer pulled by hand but have been designed for modern use. Carriage garage doors come in a diverse array of painted and stained finishes. They can be personalized with windows and hardware to enhance the overall curb appearance. Although their way of operations has drastically changed, they still retain the same aesthetic quality of carriage house doors of the past. Therefore, if you are looking for an ideal garage door that can add value to your home and curb appeal, the carriage garage door is the perfect option for you.

6. Roll-Up Garage Door

There are numerous garage doors options to choose from. The roll-up garage door offers a high level of security. Their springs are not susceptible to failing as they are enclosed, minimizing their risk of falling or effect from relocating vehicles. Their structure is more long-lasting than other garage door types, creating a more robust door that will definitely allow additional open/close cycles than other door kinds. They also occupy limited space compared to other garage doors, which usually occupy a whole area and a couple of feet highlighted under the ceiling. In most cases, roll-up garage doors are always secure, and they minimize the damage to your car, offering a safer environment for people in the floor area.

7. Tilt Up and Over Canopy Garage Door

Tilt-up and over Canopy garage door utilizes the most popular type of garage door mechanism. It provides a broader drive when you open. It is cost-effective, and its installation process is easy. This type of garage door is not divided into several sections but is available in one consolidated piece. They possess a pivoting hinge mechanism to enable tilting up into the garage. The canopy-style door is adjacent to the garage ceiling and elongates beyond the front of the house when the door is open. This type of garage is exceptional since it is economical than other types of the garage door. This is because they require minimal labor since they lack more moving parts and more complex builds. They do not need complicated technology to open and close.

8. Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors offer a charming option for residential applications. They provide a unique, pleasant appeal and exceptional light transmission where no one can see your garage, and they are long-lasting. Garages lack sufficient natural or artificial light. Fortunately, the glass garage door has a series of windows that run from the floor and extend to the ceiling, permitting light infiltration. They are available in numerous colors, finishes, and patterns. They are also more flexible as they can be utilized inventively to promote a mixed-use space.