precision door5 Ways to Improve Your Precision Door Garage Security

Garages are essential spaces in your home. They serve as storage spaces for your precious belongings such as lawnmowers, expensive cars, and other tools that thieves may want to steal. The garage also serves as an exit or entry point in most homes. Homeowners should explore other ways of keeping the garage safe other than having a reinforced precision door. Here are tips on how you can improve your garage security in Santa Maria.

Secure Windows and Your Precision Door

Homeowners should secure the garage door by adding extra layers of security to the door. You can achieve this by installing durable and reinforced precision garage door windows to keep your belonging safe. Low-quality windows can burglars with easy access to your home since they only need to break the windows. The windows can be reinforced with wire mesh or bars as an additional security measure.

You can improve your garage security by reducing the visibility of your garage windows. Increased visibility in your garage can lure burglars into stealing your property. You can reduce visibility by installing curtains and blinds around your windows to reduce vision. Tinted or frosted windows can help increase the light in your garage.

Frosted windows can boost your garage security since they prevent thieves from peeping through your garage. These windows also insulate the house, thus keeping the temperatures in good condition. Installing frosted windows has become a new trend among new homeowners because they provide the garage with an appealing look to your garage doors.

Ensure that your garage has a modern precision garage door. An old and weak garage door can give burglars an easy passage into your home. You should ensure that you use precision doors which are strong enough to prevent break-ins. It’s also important to get Santa Maria garage door repair to make sure it’s in working order. Contact a professional for garage door repair in Santa Maria.

You should add an extra layer of security to your garage door if it is directly connected to your house. Use a deadbolt an additional lock on your door. Ensure that you replace old bolts connecting your hinges and door with newer and larger screws.

Leaving a secured door or window open is more can be more dangerous. Most people often leave their homes in a hurry and forget to close their garage doors. Leaving your garage door open can display the items in your garage, which can invite thieves into your garage.

Make it a habit to always keep your garage door locked even when you are around your home. Most people assume that their valuables are safe because they are residing in safe neighborhoods. It only takes a few minutes for thieves to enter your garage and steal from you.

Ensure that you only enter the house after the garage door has fully rolled down. This is because an automatic garage door can stop when the sensors sense that something is blocking the door. You might get into the house or leave thinking that you locked the garage door while it is still open.

Replace Your Garage Door Openers

It would help if you replaced your outdated door openers with new smart door openers. These openers allow you to close your garage door remotely. You should install automatic garage door openers, which are energy-efficient and quieter compared to older models. Modern garage door openers have unique security features that allow you to generate new passcodes using your smartphone every time you open the door.

You should always protect your garage door opener remote. Thieves can easily steal remotes and use these to access your home. Most homeowners often leave the opener remote in places that thieves can easily access, such as inside the car. Thieves can easily break into the car, steal the remote and use it to access your garage.

You should treat your opener remote the same way you treat your home or car keys. It would be best if you get a keychain when you can attach the opener. It is not advisable to hide the remote below the flowerpots outside your house.

Update Your Exterior Lighting

Most break-ins happen at night in areas that have poor exterior lighting. You can keep your garage safe by ensuring that it has good lighting around it and particularly at the entry points. Most homeowners are now installing motion detector lighting since they are energy-efficient and cost-effective. These lights only light up when they detect movements around your garage.

Your exterior lighting should be placed in areas that thieves cannot reach or deactivate. It would be best if they were placed 11 to 13 feet above the garage ground. You should also ensure that lighting inspection is on your checklist when you are doing home maintenance.

You should also ensure that bushes around your garage are properly maintained. Overgrown hedges around your compound can be perfect hiding spots for thieves. They also hinder lighting penetration, making it hard for you to see what is going on outside.

Install Modern Surveillance Systems

Most homeowners place big posters indicating the home is protected by a certain brand of surveillance system. This helps to scare off potential burglars from breaking into your home. These systems come in handy when you are on vacation or when there is no one at home. These systems include cameras that trigger the alarm immediately they sense movements. The alarm can alert the police or neighbors of a break-in. You can also receive notifications on your phone.

It would be best if you considered installing motion-activated cameras around your garage. These cameras can record and keep track of movements around the garage. This allows you to check the recorded feeds later in case you suspect that there was a break-in. These cameras can also be connected to your smartphone, allowing you to stream the live feeds remotely on your phone.

Unplug the Opener When You Are Not at Home

There are various signs that can suggest that you are not at home. Signs such as a stack of local newspapers and a dark home can indicate that there is no one at home. Although your neighbors can help you with this problem, it is important that you take serious precautions when you are traveling out of town.

You should always unplug garage door openers if you are leaving home for days. You can replace them with strong bolts to prevent your door from being opened manually. Leave the garage using another door and make sure that you have also locked it. This precaution can give you peace of mind, and you can enjoy your vacation.

It is also advisable that you maintain a healthy relationship with your neighbors. This can help keep your garage safer when you hit the road. You can request them to collect your mails or keep an eye on your home when you are away. Let them alert you and the law enforcement officers if they hear the alarm or suspicious person loitering around your garage.