precision doorInformation About Solar-Powered Garage Doors From Precision Door

As a trusted source for garage doors in Southern California, Precision Door works hard to provide customers with options. One option for folks who want to save energy without sacrificing performance is a solar-powered garage door.

There are a variety of sizes and configurations when it comes to upgrading your garage doors and garage door openers. Many residents already have garage door openers installed, but never considered the advantages of transitioning to solar-powered doors or openers. Others are ready to go green and just need some more information before making that final decision.

Here is everything you need to know about solar-powered garage doors.

How Do Solar-Powered Garage Doors Work?

Solar-powered garage doors work about the same as any other solar-powered electronic device. Add it to an existing solar grid that powers all or portions of your home. Or install a dedicated solar panel connected only to your garage door opener.

They work by collecting energy from the sun. A battery stores the energy and uses it to power any electronic devices or systems that connect to that battery. The usage, size, and energy requirements determine the size of the batter or the number of panels needed. You can calculate your needs easily to get a rough idea of the best configuration for your home or garage door.

It only takes about 12 volts of electricity to power a garage door opener, which requires a solar panel about the size of a notebook. Another option is to install a solar array over your garage roof or implement it as part of the garage door itself. This will provide you with more power to charge or run lights, tools, climate control systems, or even your electric car.

Solar garage doors aren’t just for residential dwellings, wither, Commercial and agricultural spaces can benefit from installing a solar-powered door.

They’ll work on:

• Warehouses
• Loading docks
• Auto showrooms
• Repair shops
• Workshops
• Pole barns and other outbuildings

Types of Solar-Powered Garage Doors

One of the issues with converting to solar power is the space needed. Many of us just don’t have the space on our rooftops for a full solar array. Others aren’t sure if their home or business building is ideally situated to catch the sun’s rays.

Ideally, you should place solar panels on a southern-facing surface with unobstructed access to sunlight. Often untapped spaces, garage doors and garage roofs offer perfect spaces for this purpose. However, if you don’t have an ideal location, the array can be located on an area of the property that is and wired to the garage door opener or residential/commercial electrical grid. Having a dedicated panel connected only to your garage door opener is also an option.

For a basic setup, the process is very simple and straightforward if you already have solar power installed at your home or business building. If not, you’ll have to have solar capability before the solar-powered garage door opener is installed. Then, a professional comes in to connect your garage door to the solar grid.

First, they mount and install a bracket in the most ideal location for maximum sun exposure. Then, the wiring is connected from the solar panel in the bracket to your battery. Next, the technician connects a second wire to the garage door opener. Once all wiring is connected, the system will be tested to ensure that everything works properly.

Benefits of Installing a Solar Garage Door From Precision Door


Solar-powered garage doors are a great addition in cases where you want to build a detached garage without the inconvenience and expense of wiring it to your home or commercial space. We simply install the required number of panels and adequate battery size to provide ample power and install the opener as usual. They integrate seamlessly with automated home systems, so this is still a good option if your garage is attached to your home.

Energy Conservation and Production

The average-sized solar panel will produce about 1kWh of electricity per square meter. Even the door for a one-car garage is big enough to hold 10x that capacity. The bigger the surface space, the bigger the capabilities and possible convenience for you.

The benefits go beyond energy conservation. In fact, the right setup can power more than just your garage door. With power collected and stored in the battery, you only need enough of it to open and close your garage door. Use the excess to power tools, HVAC systems, and lights, for example. With a large enough surplus, you can even sell some of it back to the power company.

Best of all, this is an energy source you can feel good about because you’re lowering your carbon footprint without impacting your quality of life.

Tax Incentives

The cost of installing solar panels is prohibitive for some. However, the possible energy savings mean that a typical installation will pay for itself in no time. The federal government also offers tax incentives for going green. In addition to lower electricity bills, you’re increasing your property value and getting tax credits to boot!

Security and Durability

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to operate your garage door even if the power is down. Those who have been stuck during an outage know the frustration and inconvenience of coming home during a storm or being unable to get out if you have to leave. It also means that your security systems and automatic lacks will still work even if the power is out to the rest of your neighborhood.

These systems prove just as durable as any electrical system as long as they come properly installed and remain shielded from high winds. Despite what you might have heard, your garage door will still function at night or on rainy days. You don’t need constantly sunny days to make sure your solar-powered garage door is operational, although that’s rarely a problem in sunny California. Solar panels harness power all day and store it in the battery until necessary. As we said before, many homes and business owners create a surplus of energy as long as their solar grid is large enough to power the space it’s in.

Help From Precision Door

Our goal is to install a garage door that Paso Robles residents are proud to own. When you’re ready to reap the advantages of installing a solar-powered garage door, garage service in Southern California is as close as a phone call to Precision Door. We strive to provide the kind of eco-friendly services customers in the Paso Robles community demand.