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How to Prepare for a Professional Installing Your Garage Door

If you have professional garage door repair technicians coming to install a new garage door, you may think you don’t have to do anything. You don’t necessarily have to do anything, but there are several things you can do to prepare your garage door mechanisms for the removal of the old door and the installation of a new door. You can clean the area, oil the wheels and rails, and ensure the area is well lit. This will make things quicker, safer, and easier for the pros when they get there. To learn more about preparing for a garage door installation, read on.

Clean the Area

This is arguably the most important of the three tips in the article. You want to clean the area. You may have a bunch of junk in your garage piled up near the garage door mechanism. This is pretty common. Most people have multiple items in this area. However, these items will need to be moved when the technician arrives, which will make the job last significantly longer. You may even get a bill for a higher amount if a technician has to move the boxes and other items themselves. It is easier just to simply move everything out of the way before the technician gets to your house.

Oil the Wheels and Rails

This is perhaps the most overlooked thing that you can do to prepare for a new garage door. If you oil the wheels and rims, this will make it easier for the technician to remove your old garage door and slide in the new door. Of course, they can do this themselves. However, pre-oiling the mechanism will make things easier and quicker for the technician.

Ensure the Area is Well Lit

Many garages are dark and damp. If you don’t spend a lot of time in your garage, this may not bother you. However, this creates a difficult and possibly unsafe work environment for garage door technicians. Make sure that all of the lights in your garage work properly. Replace light bulbs ahead of time if any of the bulbs for the lights in your garage are burnt out. Of course, this will make your garage a safer and more pleasant place to be all the time, not just when a garage door is being installed.