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Three Ways Home Repairs Could Affect Your Garage Door

Whether you have an attached garage or a detached one, repairs that are performed in the vicinity of the garage door could cause some performance issues with it. Vibrations, dust and debris from other work to your home, yard or the garage structure itself could cause problems. If you notice any problems with the functioning of your garage door or its opener, it is best to contact professionals for garage door repair in San Luis Obispo.

Debris Blocking Laser Eye

A lot of home repairs generate dust and debris. For example, if your garage got a new roof, dust from the project could be covering the laser eye. Drywall work could also create dust that affects the door’s safety eye. If your garage door will not open or close, check to see if the laser eye is blocked. The laser eye may have been knocked off balance from vibrations, too.

Dust in Tracks

Dust or debris from home repairs and renovations can also get in the tracks of the garage door. The dust could impede the ability of the door’s rollers to glide along the tracks. This could result in jumpy movement or excessive noise when the door opens or closes. If there is a chunk of debris or any metal debris on the tracks, the door may stop or reverse its course.

Warped or Bent Tracks

Repairs in the immediate vicinity of your garage door could cause warped or bent tracks. Any jack hammering, drilling or other high-vibration work could cause this to happen. For example, if you got a new garage floor or driveway that required removal of the old concrete, your garage door could end up with damage.