A Weather-resistant Garage Door Is Worth Installing

All garage doors have a specific rating that determines how well the material can handle high wind speeds. If your house is located in a neighborhood where heavy rainstorm commonly occur, a durable, commercial-grade door can protect your garage and all of your investments.

The Wind Load Matters

According to experts, more than 80 percent of the damage that occurs following an intense weather event happens around a garage door. In order to prevent structural damage, a garage door must stay intact because it’s a vital component that supports the roof.

By installing a door that’s wind resistance, you won’t have to worry about strong currents that could possibly destroy your garage. If you don’t know how to install the equipment, a reputable garage door installation technician can help.

Extreme Weather Considerations

Hurricanes produce extremely high winds that can propel objects. If these projectiles hit a garage door, the aluminum material will bend, crack, or warp. To keep your home fully protected throughout these weather events, you’ll need a door that’s impact resistant. Impact-resistant doors won’t damage if a heavy object smashes the foundation because the framework is sturdy and strong.

Considerations for Average Weather

In a typical neighborhood, minor and major thunderstorm can impact certain areas occasionally. When these storms reach a community, they sometimes produce enough wind that could harm a garage door. If your door isn’t wind-proof, the currents from a thunderstorm could cause energy-efficiency problems by cracking the aluminum component. Once enough gaps have generated, air will constantly leak out of the garage.