Garage doors with an automatic opener should immediately respond when you push the button or flip the switch to activate the opener. If the door seems to stick momentarily in the open or closed position before it begins to move, it could have a mechanical or electrical fault that requires attention.

Three Reasons Why Garage Doors Stick When Open or Closed

If your garage door seems to stick open when you want to close it or closed when you want to open it, the door could have a mechanical problem or electrical issue. There are many different parts involved that could need repairs or replacement. You can try these troubleshooting steps and contact your San Luis Obispo garage service if the door is still having problems.

Lack of Lubricant

Over time, the lubricant on the garage door’s wheels may become ineffective. This can happen during periods of extremely hot or cold weather, especially when the metal tracks of the garage door expand and contract in response to the temperature changes. Determine which type is appropriate based upon the materials of your garage door. Apply it to the door’s wheels as directed.

Electronic Issues

Your garage door may delay opening or closing because of electrical issues with the door’s sensor. Dirt or dust on the safety sensor may also cause the door to not open or close as directed. The batteries in your garage door’s remote control may need to be replaced. The opener’s radio frequency could be experiencing interference with a neighbor’s garage door.

Uneven Hanging

Your garage door may have been improperly installed if it has always experienced problems with getting stuck opening or closing. If it is a new problem, the spring could be stretched or loose. The spring could also be worn out, causing it to lose tension. This causes one side of the door to drop lower than the other, causing problems for the opener. One of the door’s cables may be loose or damaged, causing one side of the door to hang unevenly. Springs and cables can be replaced.