When an old garage door needs to be replaced, typical energy costs will rise as air escapes out of spaces. The best way to keep your bills low is by performing an inspection in order to determine whether or not an air leak is causing problems around your garage and home.

How to Perform an Inspection to Pinpoint Energy Problems

Although professional inspection technicians can give you accurate measurements after performing an energy audit, a typical homeowner can produce the same results without using expensive equipment. Air leak inspections should be done strategically to ensure reliable results, and you can accomplish this task successfully by following a few simple steps.

Easy Procedures

By conducting a home pressure test, you can pinpoint air leaks that are present in your garage and throughout other spaces. Begin by sealing windows and doors in the home; if your house has vents and dampers, you should close these items as well. Next, visit the kitchen and bathroom and turn on the exhaust fans. When these procedures have been implemented, you’ll have no problems pinpointing air leak after a flame is placed near crevices around your garage and home.

Inspection Techniques for a Garage Door

When inspecting an old garage door, examine specific areas where there may be gaps or crevices. If your door has these flaws, you’ll need a new garage in San Luis Obispo because a minor leak will develop into a major problem once the structure elements weaken. Modern garage doors are more efficient because the housing is designed with highly durable, commercial-grade material that can block and trap the highest and lowest temperatures.