The Importance of Keeping Garage Door Springs in Good Condition

You likely know that your garage door is outfitted with a large number of components, all of which must work properly in order for the door to open and close correctly on command. However, you might not have known that the springs inside the garage door are actually among the most important components within the door, as they complete a large number of essential tasks. When a spring has degraded, your garage door will stop working altogether, which is why you should maintain them on a regular basis.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two basic types of garage door springs that you should be aware of, including the torsion spring and extension springs. When it comes to the torsion spring, these are located over the closed door. When the motor is signaled for the door to open, these springs will uncoil and release their energy in order to lift the door. On the other hand, extension springs are situated parallel to the door tracks and perpendicular to the door itself, with one placed on each side of the door. These springs are fully extended when the door is closed. One spring isn’t better than the other, but they do require slightly different maintenance.

The Importance of Keeping Your Springs in Good Condition

The primary reason your springs should be kept in good condition above all other components within your garage door is because they perform a wide array of functions. These springs keep your door from slamming shut when you’re driving under it, allowing the door to open and close slowly. They’re also very handy in situations where the door motor fails. If this occurs when your car is still inside the garage and you need to get to work or school, all you need to do is disengage the motor. Once you do so, you’ll be able to easily lift the door to open it, as the springs do most of the lifting for you. By keeping your springs well maintained, the rest of the garage door should be as well.

Maintaining Your Garage Door Springs

If kept properly maintained, your garage door springs should last around 10 years or upwards of 10,000 cycles. The maintenance requirements for springs like this are minimal, but San Luis Obispo garage service will be able to identify whether or not your springs should be replaced sometime soon. If you neglect your springs, their lifespan could be shortened considerably, which would end up costing you more money.