Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis ObispoIndustrial Chic is In

If you’re past the point of a garage door repair in San Luis Obispo, it might be time to select a new garage door. Unquestionably the most influential current design trend in San Luis Obispo is “industrial chic.” Whether you are referring to lofts, exposed bricks, or repurposed equipment, the funky look of commercial design is an appealing direction. One of the most popular trends for anyone looking to modernize or customize their house is to replace a boring sliding glass door with a glass garage door.

For years many people thought garage-style roll-up doors were only for cars, but this is not the case. Instead, glass roll-up doors are taking their place in the living spaces of modern homes as well. Not only do these doors look great when replacing an outdated sliding glass door, but they also have numerous functional advantages as well.

Glass Garage Doors Are Safer and More Efficient

Beyond being stylish, roll-up glass doors have functional aspects that improve the value and use of your home. The first consideration is the insulation value. Modern glass doors are extremely well insulated, especially compared to older sliding models. Thus, installing a glass garage door is a wonderful opportunity to reduce your energy consumption and power bills.

Beyond efficiency, glass garage doors are more secure. A common sliding glass door can be shimmied open in a matter of seconds. In comparison, the security offered by a glass garage door is second to none. They don’t just make your house look good: they keep it safe.

They’re Surprisingly Easy and Inexpensive to Install

Given the increased popularity of glass garage doors, you may think that they are an expensive addition to your home. Units are now being made that are specifically designed to retrofit into the space provided by a sliding glass door. This makes the initial cost and installation time surprisingly affordable.

If you live in San Luis Obispo and are looking to update your home or business to the latest trends, there is good news. California has a myriad of reputable and professional garage door installers that specialize in these projects. Don’t delay adding value to your home any longer!