Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

The Dangers of Neglecting Garage Door Maintenance

While having an automated garage door offers so much convenience, you still have the responsibility of making sure that it works. Since the door is so heavy, it is no joke that it can cause damage to your possessions and loved ones. The cables and detection mechanisms are not perfect and fail more often than one might think.

Wrecking Your Vehicle

Garage doors can cause serious damage to your car, so don’t think it is just a light bump. If the cable and safety mechanism fail, that heavy door can severely dent the metal on top of your car.

Have the cable regularly checked so that it doesn’t suddenly shut down when you are moving your car in or out. If you have a new garage San Luis Obispo, you should start scheduling regular maintenance after a short while to assure that this doesn’t happen to your car.

Injuring Your Friends

You, your family members and visitors to your property can be seriously injured by a sudden crash of a heavy garage door. Especially if it hits the top of one’s head, such a heavy door can send someone to the hospital. Your pets may also be at risk if they regularly pass through the door when you open or close it. This is why the emergency detection mechanism needs to be working all the time.

Setting your feelings aside, you may also be at risk of litigation if someone is seriously injured on your property. Have your door checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

Damage to Your Garage

Most garage door mechanisms will be affixed to the interior of your garage. If constant faults to your closing mechanism happen, you may end up damaging the support beams, concrete floor, or other items within your garage. Constructing or fixing your garage will probably be much more expensive than the cost of maintenance.