Precision Door

Does Your Insurance Cover Your Precision Door?

You probably have homeowners insurance to cover your home, but is your Precision door covered? Is it considered part of your home? Your garage door can cost you a lot of money to replace or repair, and getting it insured should be on top of your priorities. Your homeowners insurance typically covers your home and items when fire, theft or damage has occurred. If something goes wrong, you will be reimbursed for the cost of replacing or repairing the different items. It also includes other structures in and around your property, including injuries and damages to other people’s property.

Is Your Precision Door Covered by Your Home Insurance?

Your garage door is an essential part of your garage and a substantial component of your home. When it gets damaged, it can lead to inconveniences, and it’s also a serious security risk. A faulty garage door can leave your item vulnerable to damage by the elements and theft.

When it comes to insuring your garage door, it’s not as simple as insuring other parts of your home. This is because the garage is unique, and it requires a lot of care and durability. It is also heavy and near other large moving objects, such as vehicles, which increases the chances of serious damage occurring.

The garage door also moves a lot of times during the day and night, which increases the possibility of accidents. The surface area of the garage door is large and exposed, making it prone to damage by heavy wind. Due to all these factors, your auto and homeowners insurance are involved when insuring your garage door.

Limitations & Types of Coverage

So does your home insurance cover your Precision door? In most cases, yes, it does, but there are limitations. This means you must talk to your insurance provider about the specifics since not all garages are the same. Homeowners’ policies are not always the same, and whereas one can cover the garage door, another one may not. You must check your coverage when filing your claim as this can also raise your insurance premiums.

Getting more comprehensive coverage may mean you have to pay a higher premium per month. Certain types of damages, especially those beyond your control, are covered by your homeowners insurance. However, other types of damage resulting from wear and tear may not be covered by your home insurance. It is your responsibility to take care of repairs and the maintenance of your home, and insurance companies take this into account in their policies.

Does Your Home Insurance Cover Attached Garages

The standard homeowners insurance policy covers your home and everything attached to it, including the garage. It is, after all, part of your home and receives more coverage compared to a detached garage. On the other hand, a detached garage is also part of your home, so it is covered. However, your policy must include other structures that cover your detached garage, fence and toolshed. They are covered at 10 percent of your home coverage limit. This is different from an attached garage, which gets full amount coverage of your dwelling limit.

Precision Door Damages Covered by Homeowners Insurance

The type of damage covered by homeowners insurance varies from case to case. It is crucial that you check your specific policy to know everything that is covered and what is excluded. Here are a few examples.

Theft or Fire

If someone breaks into your garage and damages your Precision door or graffities it, your insurance company will likely cover the cost to repair it. Ensure that you take photos of the crime to present to your insurance agent. You can also file a police report in case your insurance company asks for it. It also covers your garage door from a hit and run or when someone purposely damages your garage door.

Severe Weather

Your homeowners insurance policy can cover your garage door against severe weather. However, not all weather elements are covered, and you should read and understand the fine print and the terms used in your policy. For example, your Precision door may be covered for hail and wind-blown debris but not damage from flooding.

Car Damage

If you or your family members run into the garage door by accident, both the door and the car will suffer damages. Your homeowners insurance will probably cover the repairs to your garage door or even pay for a new garage door installation if the damage was extensive. The damage to your car will not be covered by your homeowners insurance but rather by your auto insurance.

If the damage to your garage door was done by another person’s car, and he or she is not a member of your family, you should file an auto claim. The person’s auto insurance should cover the cost of your repairs.

Precision Door Damages Not Covered by Home Insurance

Your home insurance does not cover damages to your door as a result of normal wear and tear. Garage doors are not expected to last forever since they are mechanical systems. You are solely responsible for taking care of your garage door’s normal wear and tear through regular maintenance. A garage door warranty from the manufacture can help you deal with wear and tear.

Most insurance companies have a deductible for garage door damages. Your policy will cover the repair or replacement costs of your garage door minus the deductible. This is the amount of money the insurance company expects you to pay out of pocket for the repairs before reimbursing you. You may not need to file a claim if the cost to replace or repair your door is higher than your deductible.

Repairs vs. Replacements

Your insurance will pay for both the repairs and replacement of your garage door if you qualify. The insurance company will assess the extent of the damage and determine whether it will pay for the replacement of the door or just the repairs. The average cost of a Santa Maria garage door repair is slightly above $200 while most companies offering garage service in Southern California charge above $2,500 for replacing it.