Top Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

The garage door should function well to ensure that it is safe to use and protects the contents of the garage. Over time, the product can begin to wear down due to its age and a lack of maintenance. When you suspect that your garage door needs attention, there are a few common signs that repairs are needed.

The Door Shakes

Garage doors that shake and have a lot of movement when they are opened or closed may have broken or worn down parts. The broken parts may be forcing it to move unsteadily, which can increase the risk of complications that can occur in the future. It may also begin to falter when it’s operated with jerking movements that can lead it to collapse later on. The door should be inspected and repaired to ensure that it works smoothly.

Increased Energy Bills

Many homeowners don’t always assume that their increased energy bill may be due to a garage door that needs to be repaired on the property. A professional who can do a garage door repair in San Luis Obispo will replace materials or parts that are causing drafts to be present in the space, which can allow the outside air to enter the garage.


You may notice that parts of the garage door begin to sag, which is an indicator that the balance is off. You’ll need to disconnect the opener from the door before manually opening it again. Open the door halfway and leave it there for a few seconds to determine if it rises or falls. The door will need to be repaired if it doesn’t stay put and collapses. A lack of balance is often caused by problems that are present with the tension springs.

Excess Noise

Although it’s common for the door to make plenty of noise when you open or close it, the product shouldn’t make unusual noises when it’s operating. Although older garage doors can be noisier, you shouldn’t hear straining or creaks that becomes louder over time. Hire a professional to inspect the product and look for issues with the springs, the opener, or the opener bracket. Examining the parts will make it easy to determine if something needs to be replaced.