Precision doorHow Southern California Climate Affects Your Precision Door Garage Door

Many people move to Southern California for its fabulous climate, which provides dry, hot summers and winter rains. This Mediterranean climate occurs in only five world locales – the Mediterranean region for which it takes its name, the south and west coasts of Chile, South Africa, Australia and Southern California. While this climate works wonders for those with health issues like asthma or COPD, it can prove tough on building materials like your Precision door.

In Southern California, building methods developed around its typical climate features, and those in the construction trade chose or recommended materials that best suit the cyclical climate that features a sparse few months of precipitation. The old edict that it never rains in Southern California remains true.

Your Garage’s Precision Door and California Climate Change

As we’ll learn in this article from Precision Door, the people had already adapted their building methods to the climate, but recent changes to the long-standing climate of the state – a part of larger world climate change as a whole – wreak havoc on existing materials. You might not think of the growing number of wildfires in the state as affecting your Precision garage door, but it does. The increasing number of droughts and the lack of water, which causes local officials to mandate conservation methods also affects your ability to water your lawn and spray wash your home. This all increases Southern California garage door repair needs.

Fire Adapted Regions

Southern California, like the other four areas, adapted to the frequent wildfires that crop up during its hot, dry summer months. The plants in that region adapt to the fires’ frequency. Many of the woody, evergreen shrubs that dot the California landscape exhibit underground root crowns, so their seeds deep in the soil can re-sprout after a fire. Others respond to the smoke, ash and heat of fire by germinating.

These lovely plants may not germinate where you or the landscaper originally planted them. When the fire damaged them above ground, it probably didn’t reach the plant’s root system which spread beneath the ground. That means when the plant begins growing again, it could grow through cracks in your driveway that allow it to push up under your garage door or into the framing area between the door and house frame. If you’ve ever observed flowers sprouting in sidewalk cracks, you can probably envision the premise. Extrapolate it to a tree seedling and you understand the problem.

Summer Dry Spells Become Frequent Droughts

The normal climate of California consists of dry spells and the habitat and building methods developed in accordance with this. During these dry spells, moderate water conservation typically resulted in the available water lasting until the winter rains, which replenished the regions’ water sources. Lack of moisture damages your Precision Garage Door.

Temperatures Remain the Same Inflicting No Damage to Your Precision Door

In the 21st century, temperatures in the state remained largely the same as in the prior century. Only two percent of the state’s counties experienced hotter temperatures, while none experienced cooler temperatures. So far, this aspect of the climate has not undergone a change in Southern California. At least damage from temperature changes won’t cause you to require Southern California garage door repair.

Climate Change Increasing Fire Seasons and Frequency

During the past 50 years, climate change has affected Southern California by making droughts more frequent and fire seasons longer. Because droughts occur more often and precipitation wanes, fires spark more frequently. Less frequent precipitation in the form of rain and snow translates to less stored water and less water to fight the fires.

A Typical Year in Weather for Southern California

California’s typical climate boils down to a dependable schedule of mild extremes. The hottest month, July, reaches average high temperatures of 84 degrees Fahrenheit, while its coldest month, December, reaches average lows of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The month of December also experiences the greatest precipitation with an average of 0.38 inches of rain and snow. The spring month of April brings what the state considers high winds, typically 10 miles per hour.

The state’s annual precipitation reaches an average of 1.81 inches per year. Its temperatures can reach highs in the 90s during the summer months of June, July, August and September. During the winter months of January and December, the temperatures can hover above freezing but typically don’t drop below 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Does This Climate Mean to Your Home and Garage Doors Southern California?

Climate changes mean damage to your precision door. Cycles of wet then dry weather can warp materials. When a wood garage door becomes wet frequently, the wood can warp. That means that your garage door no longer fits in its frame. The gaps created by this negate the security the door provides to your vehicles and the rest of your home. When a garage door warps, it can come off track completely. Even metal garage doors and aluminum doors can warp.

Fire warps metal and aluminum. The high temperatures create heat that changes the shape of the door and can mangle it. This also causes the garage door to come off track. When its shape alters, it no longer properly protects the garage. With the frequency of wildfires increasing, that translates to more damage to your garage door, perhaps your home.

How Precision Garage Door Service Can Help

Precision Garage Door offers the garage doors Southern California loves and we provide high-quality installation by trained technicians. However, your might have purchased your home with an existing garage door that wildfire destroyed.

You might own a home with a garage door Paso Robles wildfire destroyed or the 2020 fires might have destroyed your entire home. We can help you by replacing that garage door with one that can withstand high temperatures and the climate cycles of Southern California.

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