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What is the Strongest Garage Door?

Whether you are hoping to deter potential intruders or you want a garage door that will last for years, there are many good reasons why you may want to get a strong garage door. A strong garage door will also usually require less maintenance than a less sturdy one, which can even save you money during the time that you own your home. If you want to learn more about garage door materials and find out which type is best for you, the helpful staff at Precision Garage Door will happily explain.

Steel Garage Doors
Garage doors are available in several different materials. Steel is one of the sturdiest materials used to construct garage doors. Therefore, if you’re looking for the strongest doors available, steel makes an excellent choice. Steel garage doors are generally thick enough to withstand the impacts of basketballs, weather events, and even attempted intrusions. Steel garage doors in southern California are categorized as one type of garage door, but they can be broken down into several more specific types. Steel garage doors are produced in three different strengths, which are:

  • Single layer
  • Double layer
  • Triple layer

garage service southern california

Single layer garage doors are also known as “pan garage doors”. They have a solid construction and a durable exterior. The advantage of single layer garage doors is that they are low-maintenance and have a sleek profile. Single layer doors are lauded for their exceptional durability and the fact that they are lightweight and, therefore, easy to operate. However, there are some disadvantages to single layer garage doors, too. These garage doors are generally more narrow than other kinds, making them a better option for narrow garage door openings. Since they are relatively thin, single layer garage doors are also more susceptible to being dented.

garage service southern california

As the name suggests, double layer garage doors have two separate layers. These doors have one solid steel layer with a layer of thermal insulation behind them. Double layer garage doors can provide quite a bit of insulation. They are also a good choice for those who want garage doors that make minimal noise, as they are among the quietest garage doors to operate. Double layer garage doors are a popular choice for their energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Double layer doors are also more durable than single layer garage doors.

Triple layer garage doors are the hardiest of all. They have three distinct panels, including a steel panel in front for durability and protection. The middle panel is made of insulative thermal material, and the back panel is another steel panel that adds another layer of strength and reinforcement. These types of garage doors, which are often called “sandwich” garage doors, are the most durable kind of garage door on the market. They are made of heavy-duty material, and they are also environmentally friendly and relatively low cost. Installing this kind of garage door can also make a home more energy-efficient. Those concerned about sound will be glad to know that the garage doors produce very little noise and are quiet to open and close.

No matter which kind you get, steel garage doors in southern California are long-lasting and quiet to operate. They are made with rugged steel and covered in a galvanized coating to keep them from rusting. After adding a galvanized coat, they are finished with a layer of primer for even more surface strength. Last comes the topcoat paint for lasting color and greater strength. The garage door’s surface generally does not need touch-ups unless it is damaged.

As you’re selecting garage doors, keep in mind that garage doors within a specific category can vary in level of thickness. Single layer garage doors come in three degrees of thickness, which are 24, 25, and 26. Doors that are marked as “24” have a thicker metal composition. Garage doors with multiple layers are generally thicker and have more insulation than single pane garage doors.

Types of Garage Doors Available
While garage doors can vary in thickness and material, they also vary in construction.

garage service southern california

One of the most common garage doors is called a sectional door, which combines multiple horizontal panels connected with rollers. This type of garage door runs with two parallel tracks. Sectional garage doors can be operated manually or with an automatic garage door opener. They are also easy to customize and can be ordered with or without windows. If you choose to get garage doors with windows, the options are nearly infinite, as there are 16 different designs that you can choose from. The doors can also be designed to match the style of your home.

Carriage-style garage doors are also popular. While sectional garage doors open from the ground up, carriage-style doors open outwards from the top. They are sometimes referred to as “swing-style” doors because they open horizontally rather than vertically. Swinging garage doors are generally more energy-efficient than other types of garage doors. If safety is a concern, note that swinging garage doors are more challenging to lock than other garage doors. They may also cost more to maintain and require maintenance more often.

Wood Garage Doors
Although steel doors are a popular choice for people looking for strong garage doors, doors made of other materials can also be a good option. Wooden garage doors are also strong and can be a good alternative to steel doors, depending on your home’s aesthetics and personal preferences. Wooden garage doors are made with several layers to keep them from warping. Wooden garage doors can be made of fir, luan, redwood, and cedar. They may come with a factory-derived stain finish, and you can also have a San Luis Obispo garage door expert finish the garaged door with a personalized paint color.

Wood Composite Garage Doors
Wood composite garage doors are another option. They have a wooden frame that is combined with fiberboard for a durable but realistic-looking finish. Overlays and grooves are also commonly found in these garage doors to make them look even nicer.

Aluminum Garage Doors
Garage doors can also be made out of aluminum, which is one of the longest-lasting materials available. Aluminum garage doors are also less susceptible to rust, which is an essential consideration for those who live near the coast or in more humid environments. There are many different kinds of finishes available for aluminum garage doors, and they can be painted in a number of exterior colors to match your home’s façade and your personal preferences.

Vinyl Garage Doors
If strength is an important factor, you may also want to consider a vinyl garage door. Vinyl garage doors are not prone to dents or breaking, and they are often made with steel frames and filled with insulation. Vinyl doors are typically low maintenance and last a long time. However, you may find that fewer color options are available with these doors.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your garage doors, contact Precision Garage Door today. The pros at Precision Door can help you select the garage door that’s right for your aesthetic, safety, and overall comfort needs.

garage service southern california