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Make Sure You Have These Garage Door Necessities

Your garage isn’t just a place to store your car. It can be an unwitting entry point for criminals or cold air. That’s why you should make sure to install these garage door necessities and fulfill your garage door needs.

Windows and Motion Detectors Are Garage Door Necessities

Motion detectors and windows with electronic blinds are garage door necessities. Natural light from the windows makes the garage appear bigger. If your garage doubles as a workshop, you can save on electricity bills during the daytime. Electronic blinds strike the balance between letting the light in and protecting your valuables. Potential thieves might use the windows as an entry point to get into your house. Strengthen the windows with reinforced glass and install the electronic blinds so no one can see inside when you’re not at home. Motion detector lights scare anyone who comes too close to your garage at night and deter crime.

Install a Garage Door Security System and Power Outlets

Using the garage as a workshop or a hangout means you’ll need a convenient place to charge your phone or plug in your power tools. Strategically located outlets can solve this problem. That’s why power outlets are necessary garage features. Your garage door can also be connected to a remote, smart security system that you can monitor from an app on your phone. Install a new security system if you don’t have one or connect your garage to the security system that you’re already using for you home. If you need help installing a garage door security system, you could consult San Luis Obispo garage service technicians.

Take Advantage of Extra Space

If you have the space, consider expanding your garage to add extra square footage on both sides of each parking space. You’ll have more room to maneuver when pulling in and out of the garage. Another option is to hollow out the roof and put in a small alcove or crawlspace for additional storage. That way you can continue to store items in the garage without creating clutter that you could hit with your car.