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The Most Common Problems With Garage Door Openers

Whatever type of weather conditions San Luis Obispo residents find themselves facing, they always find that their garage door opener works as it should. Then one day they find that the garage door opener no longer works. The opener is a complicated piece of equipment. While garage door openers are reliable and safe, they do stop working on occasion.

This article will talk about some of the biggest issues that your opener could face. If you experience any of the problems on this list, contact the experts in San Luis Obispo garage service.

One of Your Garage Door Openers Doesn’t Work

If you own two garage door openers, try the other remote. If your door starts to move, replace the first remote. If you use the other remote but your door still doesn’t move, use the switch on the wall. If your door opens, then the problem lies with the transmitter. Ask a technician to look at the issue. If the garage repair technician can’t fix it, ask them to replace it.

Your Garage Door Won’t Move

First, check to make sure that the breaker did not trip. If the power to the switch is on, you will either need to get the switch replaced or fix the problem with the wiring. Some wires placed inside the switch are stapled. The stapling can make the wire short out. If this happens, you should always call a garage door repair professional.

Power Supply Fault and Door Movement Issues

If your wall switch has power, then the problem could lie with your circuit board. The circuit board lies in the casing that holds what’s called the drive motor unit. It controls the garage door opener system. Sometimes the circuit board could fail due to a lightning strike. If your area recently had a storm, you will probably need to get the entire board replaced.

When your garage door starts to go up, it suddenly changes course and goes back down. Or the opposite could occur. This issue occurs due to the limit stops. The garage door opener has two switches. They mark the beginning and end of your garage door’s movement. Your switches might need either adjustments or repairs.