Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Choosing a Non-Rectangular Garage Door Shape

Most of the time, when you drive by a house, its garage door will probably be in the standard shape of a rectangle. However, you can choose to have a garage door shape that stands out from all the other garage doors, and here are some different door shapes that you can select at a San Luis Obispo garage services center.

Clipped Corner Garage Doors

Clipped corner doors are similar to rectangular garage doors, but their top corners are cut out at an angle. The cutting angle is typically 45 degrees, and this design can accentuate the garage door. You can choose to either make the garage door have a solid top or have windows on top. Regardless of your decision, the garage door’s dimensions must be measured so that precise measurements can be made and accurate door cutting can be done. You can also decide what angle to cut the corners at, but the angle should be between zero and 90 degrees. Anything angled outside of this range would result in an irregular garage door shape that may not work as you want it to. The door could collide with the spring or cause other issues.

Round Garage Door Shapes

Arched doors, or camber doors, are curved garage doors. The bottom of the garage door follows a standard garage shape, but the top section of the garage door is curved. The arch, which is the top of an ellipse or oval, the door’s height and the door’s width must be measured so that accurate measurements can be made when the door is created. These measurements are done to ensure that the garage door springs can do the work of lifting the garage door and that the springs will not collide with the arch, so there are limitations that the size of an arch can be.