Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

How Your Garage Door Can Complement Your Home

Ever heard the saying that your eyes are a window to your soul? Well in that same vein, your garage door is a statement, or window, to your home. Just like real estate rehab reality shows, home remodeling articles and your local big box hardware store often talk about curb appeal with your property’s landscaping, your garage door affects the appeal, and even value, of your home.

Aesthetics and Style

Having a functional garage door not only allows you to get your car into the protection of an enclosed garage space, but it is also an element and feature of your home that speaks to your home’s aesthetics. Going beyond the functionality, the color, style and make of the garage door should flow with the overall style and design of the rest of the house. You do not want your garage door to stand out like a sore thumb when compared to the rest of your home’s design, color and style.

Curb Appeal Enhancement

Having a well-manicured lawn, a nice floral arrangement and nicely trimmed shrubbery can all enhance your property’s curb appeal, but so too can the presence of an attractive door. At times, people look at the front door to a house and how that creates an attractive entrance into the home. Well, the garage door can be looked at in much the same way. An attractive garage door can be the finishing touch on the appearance of your home.

The Relationship With Home Value

By having a garage door that is functional and visually appealing, your home’s value will increase significantly. Again, going beyond a garage door that is functional and working, as that should be the primary concern, having a door that is free of major imperfections, dents and/or dings helps add value to your home’s value. Conversely, if you have a garage door that is not functional, has dents and dings, needs a paint job, etc., all of these decrease your home’s value. Minor repairs and some extra attention can help your home’s value go up and are highly recommended especially if you are attempting to sell your home or have it appraised.

At the end of the day, whether it is a new installation or a repair (i.e., giving some attention to that functionality, dents and dings), trust a professional to get your garage door up to par and complimentary to the rest of your home’s beauty. Add value by contacting a company that can provide a garage door repair in San Luis Obispo for all your garage door needs.