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Shopping for a new home is an exciting time for many prospective buyers. Looking at a lot of different floor models and neighborhoods for that right house can often seem a little surreal. Sometimes buyers will jump on the first home they see with little regard to potential issues that deserve further investigation. Often this sort of impulsive approach to buying a home ends in disaster as the home turns out to be a huge money pit. To avoid this outcome, it is important to go into a purchase with both eyes open and to be a critical consumer. The following are a few things to consider before making that down payment a reality.

The State of the Foundation

A house is only as solid as the foundation on which it rests. If the foundation of a home shows significant signs of wear or cracking, this can be a sign that the home in question has deeper problems you should worry about becoming expensive problems. Since a cracked foundation can allow water to seep in under the house, this makes it possible for further foundation erosion or mold damage to take hold.

Facing the Street

Since a lot of homes have a garage that faces the street, the garage door is typically one of the main features that people first notice as they approach a house. The surface of this entry may be splintered or stripped of paint. Worse, it may be in serious need of repair to be able to open and shut correctly. Sometimes this will call for the replacement of key components or an entirely new garage door installation. Either way, a new door for the garage can be a huge part of giving that new home purchase the face lift it needs to really look great. Call Precision Overhead Garage Door Service today to learn more about your options.

The Sewer System

Nothing can cause nightmares with a new home purchase quite like sewage system problems. Knowing if your home is on city sewage or if it has a buried tank is important for determining the level of maintenance the home owner will have to be concerned with after they begin occupying the home. Have roots obstructed the drainage flow or is it free of obstructions is another important issue to consider. Fortunately, a quick scoping out of the homes drains can reveal a lot about how serious of a problem a home buyer will face in this area of concern.


While buying a new home can be a life changing decision, homes under consideration can be riddled with a number of hidden problems. For this reason it is generally a good idea to have a home inspected before settling into a contract. The right home for purchase should never have more issues than a prospective buyer is prepared to take on and fix to ensure their home will be a functional living space.