Why You Should Have Sectional Doors on Your Garage

Whether you’re building a shed on your land or putting up a small garage on your property, you might want to know how to put an additional door on your garage. For some homeowners, a sectional garage door can act as the perfect solution to this dilemma.

This article will examine why you should get sectional doors for your garage. From hardware options to advantages, the different aspects of a sectional door will get discussed.

Before You Get That Sectional Door

Your home garage will need to meet a few minimum specifications before your technician can start work. For example, your garage should have a minimum of 112 feet of space on the floor. Therefore, your garage should be eight by 14 feet. You will also need at least five inches of space above the garage door. Reserve two additional inches if you want to operate your garage door with an automatic opener.

Why You Should Get a Sectional Door

There are several advantages that come with sectional garage doors. You’ll have a wider entrance, which will make it easier for you to take tools and equipment in and out of your garage. There will be more space on the inside of your garage as sectional doors don’t open in the interior of your home space. You can automate your garage door with a garage door opener. You can’t do that with most doors.

Options and Sizes for Your Sectional Door

Door designs: You can get different looks for your door such as a flush door, thinner lines, an embossed design, and even decorative overlays. Whatever type of design you have in mind, your experts in garage door repair in San Luis Obispo can help you achieve the look that you desire for your garage.

Size: There are sectional doors of many sizes. Most homeowners choose ones that are 6’6″ to 7’0″. But the size of your door will ultimately rely on the specifications of your garage and desires.

Hardware: You also have a lot of choices when it comes to hardware. From antique brass to swing doors to whatever you can conjure up in your mind, choose the hardware that will make your sectional door reflect the personality of your home.