Even in generally warm and sunny California, it is still necessary to prepare for a seasonal change in the weather. During the wintertime, the weather can be wild and variable. Winds, rain and rapid shifts in temperature can all wreak havoc on your property, including the garage door. Now is an ideal time of the year to arrange for San Luis Obispo garage service and to get your garage door ready for the winter weather.

Reduce Cracks and Tears

The hot, dry air of the summertime may have cracked the rubber weather stripping around the sides and bottom of the garage door. Loss of lubrication and dirt accumulation are also common. Damaged weather stripping could cause excessive wear and tear on the garage door, leading to rough impacts and an increased exposure to dust, dirt, debris, wind and rain. Having your garage door winterized by a technician will help to prevent excessive garage opener noise.

Minimize Weather Damage

The hot, dry summer weather may also have caused small cracks in the garage door’s panels or around its windows. A weatherization visit from the garage door technician includes inspecting for such cracks and repairing them with a filler material, caulk or other restorative materials. Replacing the weather seal also reduces moisture, dirt and dust infiltration and damage. This helps to minimize weather damage to the door and to the contents of your garage.

Extend the Lifespan of the Door

Winterizing the garage door also helps it last longer. Preventive maintenance actions, such as lubricating the springs, help to minimize corrosion caused by exposure to rain and wind. Removing dried-out caulk or replacing missing weather stripping helps to stop cracking, rotting, warping and other types of damage to the garage door’s panels, frame and windows. By getting the door ready for the winter weather, it will be less likely to unexpectedly malfunction.