Many people are tempted to put off the repair of a broken garage door. Whether it’s to avoid hiring a garage door repair service in San Luis Obispo or simply because they feel the door is fine so long as it moves, delaying needed repairs can be dangerous. Many homeowners are not aware of the potential for rust, injury, and the necessary parts becoming hard to find.

To Prevent Rust

Arguably, the biggest danger to putting off a garage door repair is a buildup of rust. Garages are generally dark, damp places that are susceptible to rust. It can build up to such an extent that it causes the mechanism to stick. If this happens, the repair bill will be much higher than it needs to be. In extreme cases, the entire garage door mechanism might need replacing.

To Save Yourself Exertion

If your garage door isn’t working, you’ll need to open and close it by hand if you want to access your garage. This can be very physically taxing, as garage doors are quite heavy. This is especially true if you have a large garage or if the wheels and rails of the mechanism are not properly oiled. You may even be at risk of injury. Some people have been hurt opening or closing a garage door, and the door fell on them. Most newer garage doors have a mechanical failsafe to prevent this from happening, but you don’t want to take any chances.

To Make Sure Parts Are Easy to Find

If you put off your repair for an extended period of time, you may find that your garage door parts are hard to find. They may need to be special ordered, which will cost more and take longer. This is especially true if your garage door is already several years old. You may be able to go online and buy parts to ship to your home, but this will take time out of your day. The parts may also be more expensive if you go this route, as companies that order parts in bulk often get better prices.