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Three Unique Garage Door Materials

Garage doors are available in many different colors and materials, but it seems like everyone just uses the same materials over and over again. If you’re looking for something different, then these three materials will give you something to think about. Not only are they unusual, but they also have some unique benefits that you’re sure to love.


Glass is a very uncommon material for garage doors, but it’s quite stylish and comes with many design options. These garage doors include glass panels that can be frosted or tinted so that people can’t see into your garage. They allow light in, which can help warm the garage during the summer.

Not only is glass a very bold statement, but it’s also very durable and won’t experience rust like most metal garage doors.


Fiberglass is a combination of plastic and glass. Though this material has been around for many years, relatively few people use it. One of its many benefits is that it’s affordable, and it offers rust and corrosion resistance. Not only that, but fiberglass can be molded to look like wood or metal and there are a massive number of colors available.

Few materials offer you this many benefits and style options. If you love materials that give you the biggest bang for your buck, then definitely consider a fiberglass garage door. When installing, consider using a San Luis Obispo garage service to ensure proper installation.


Vinyl is a type of plastic that is surprisingly durable and comes with many benefits that garage door owners love. It resists corrosion from salt and sand, doesn’t fade from UV light exposure and it’s completely rustproof. Vinyl also comes in many different colors and looks quite stylish.

Unlike other materials that require some maintenance, you shouldn’t have to do much with vinyl. The most you’ll have to do is a quick cleaning here and there to make sure that the garage door looks nice.