Three Must-Have Features for Your New Construction Garage

When you are preparing to construct a new garage in San Luis Obispo, consider looking beyond the typical bland construction plans that most new garages use. Rather than thinking of the garage as just a storage spot for your car and the extra belongings that do not fit inside of the house, consider including one or more of these three features. Each of these features will help you to make the most of your new space.

Covered Porch

Once upon a time, most homes had a covered front porch where people could sit and talk with their neighbors or enjoy their morning coffee. If the idea of a covered porch appeals to you, consider including one on the new garage. One side of the garage’s roof could be made to extend several feet past the exterior wall. The concrete foundation can also be extended to create a flat space for setting up an outdoor dining and relaxation area.

Storage Loft

Conserve the floor space in your new garage by having the builders include a storage loft. The floor space could be used for your tools and basic equipment. Use the loft to store the things that you do not need to access too often. For example, the storage loft could be used for seasonal outdoor decorations, a big canoe or kayak that you only use once per year or those skis that only get used once or twice during the wintertime.


If the idea of growing your own food appeals to you, consider having a greenhouse built onto the southern or western side of your new garage. An extension of the concrete foundation will provide flooring. The greenhouse area can be outfitted with the proper type of glass windows. The new growing space could allow you to grow tomatoes, bell peppers, leafy greens or flowers all year long.