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Styling Ideas and Garage Repairs in San Luis Obispo for Black Doors

From aluminum and steel to vinyl and wood, garage doors come in dozens of styles that complement your home. Giving the doors a fresh look is as easy as grabbing a can of paint and swapping out the original hardware. Whether you paint the doors or invest in a new set, think about all of the ways you can use black garage doors. Black is one of the trendier colors now available. It can look as traditional or as modern as you would like. See some of the top styling ideas for black doors before you call a garage repair San Luis Obispo company to help you change your garage’s look.

Go Modern (and Unique!)

When you think about garage doors, you likely imagine standard doors. Usually made of metal or wood, they have a series of windows stretched across the top with panels below. Some even forgo the windows in favor of a solid door. One of the issues with black doors is that they can look too dark, which may overwhelm you. Modern designs change the placement of the windows such as putting long horizontal windows along one side. Other doors have staggered windows across the center. They add more natural light inside and reduce the darkness of the black exterior.

Stick with Traditional Designs

If you live in an HOA community, you may not have as many options. These organizations usually have rules about what residents can do with their homes. You can still take advantage of the black door trend and follow those rules. Pick a traditional design such as a black door with 16 panels across the front. If windows are allowed, consider doors that have smaller glass panes across the top. Many black garage doors are available with windows that have two panes of glass, eight panes, or more.

Install Curved Doors

While adding curved doors will require more work, any garage repair San Luis Obispo can install them for you. Curved doors are a solid alternative to the basic rectangular doors you usually see. Instead of having four flat sides, they include a curved or arched top edge. You need to change the openings of your garage to accommodate them, but the final look is well worth the time it takes. A higher arch at the top gives the garage a more dramatic look, but you can also change the style with a smaller arch.

Add a Touch of White

While black doors can look too dramatic, it’s easy to lighten things up with a touch of white. Precision Garage Door in San Luis Obispo has many doors in stock that work with this styling idea and can help you choose the best ones. Who says that the doors have to just use black? Look for designs that use white molding to make the black look a little less dark. You can also swap things around and pick white doors with some black accents such as window surrounds and trims. Pale yellow is another shade that looks great when paired with black.

Create a Layered Look

In the same way that you layer some of your favorite clothing, you can also layer the elements around your garage doors. Start with the doors, picking a style that complements your home’s style. Move from the door to the lights. Whether you choose lights activated by any type of motion or standard lights that work with a switch in the garage, consider pendant lights that attach to a U-arm and stick out from the garage. Brass and nickel finishes are great for outdoor garage lights. Then, decide on any other optional features you want such as a security camera.

Incorporate Nature

Don’t let the black garage doors become the focal point of your home. Bring in a few touches of nature to break up the deep and dark color. Save some space with planters that you place on each side of the garage. Look for flowers that bloom brightly and come in colors that match other areas of your house. Peonies and daisies are just a few fun options. If you have more free space, consider adding new bushes or shrubs. It’s helpful to stick with the same plants and other vegetation that grows in your yard to make the garage match your lawn and home.

Use a Garage Repair San Luis Obispo Company for Hardware

The next time you call about a garage door repair in San Luis Obispo, ask if they can also change your hardware when they come out. Garage door hardware comes in more designs and styles today than it ever did before. Do you want an elegant look that is both modern and traditional? Choose rose gold. While brass and antique bronze are a little more traditional, stainless steel and nickel are more modern. You’ll find square, rectangular, round, and other types of pulls for the front of the door along with some great options for replacement hinges.

Choose Ombre Doors

The ombre effect now appears in everything from hairstyles to home decor. It simply refers to items that use colors and blends the colors together to create an almost rainbow effect. Instead of picking doors that are just black, use paint to create this effect. Start with white or a pale shade of gray on the bottom and slowly work your way up to black at the top. Mix a small amount of the darkest color and the lighter color together to create the transition shade in the middle. You’ll paint the doors with each shade and then use a sponge or soft brush to blend the colors together.

Make Black Garage Doors Work for You

Making a black San Luis Obispo garage door work for you is as easy as thinking about what fits your home. Styling ideas include traditional and modern designs with multiple panels or large windows as well as ombre doors and curved or arched styles. With a garage repair San Luis Obispo company, you get all of the help needed to pick the best doors. Get professional help with any repairs your doors need and when you want to change your hardware. Black garage doors are a trend that will likely stick around for years to come.