There are several steps a homeowner can take to avoid getting victimized by dishonest garage door repair providers.

How to Avoid Garage Door Repair Scams

Do you want to hire a garage door installation company to put in an automatic garage door opener? While this process seems to have nothing but benefits, getting an automatic system for your garage door can leave you open to repair scams. This blog post will give you several tips to avoid the scammers when getting a keyless entry system installed in your garage.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Avoiding Garage Door Repair Scams

When your garage door isn’t opening and closing as it should, you’ll want to hire a trustworthy garage repair technician. It’s rare that people get their garage door repaired on a regular basis, so getting a good recommendation can be difficult. This leaves you vulnerable to a garage door scam. To avoid becoming a garage scam victim, perform the following tips before hiring a garage repair technician.

Signs of a Scam: Logos, Prices, and Guarantees

One red flag that you should look out for is a technician reporting to your home in an unmarked van. Most repair technicians work for legitimate companies that have logos and other identifying information. Before hiring a company, visit their website and read about the training and certifications of the employees. You’ll also want to look at their logo so that you can watch out for it when the technician pays a visit to your home.

Do online research and compare the prices for the garage repair services that you need. If a company prices their services too high, go elsewhere. You’ll also want to look out for extremely low pricing as this can indicate garage door scams. If a company offers you a price that is suspiciously lower than their competition, then their work will likely be shoddy.

While a lifetime guarantee sounds like a great idea, it could be an indication that you are looking at a garage door scam. What scammers do is put in a part that will malfunction at a later date. When the part stops working, they’ll replace it for free. However, they will charge you an arm and a leg for the service charge.

The Importance of Working With Reputable Garage Door Repair Companies

Garage door scams are more common than you may think. Becoming a scam victim can not only cost you money but also leave you, your family, and your car vulnerable to a malfunctioning garage door that could cause injury, loss of property, or death. To avoid scams entirely, ensure that you only work with garage repair companies that have an excellent professional reputation in your community.