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How to Know If Your Garage Door Opener Is Safe

Your home’s garage door opener is likely one of the most used features on the property that operates daily. Although garage door openers are extremely useful and efficient, they can also suffer from issues over time that can put you at risk of becoming injured. Here are a few ways to know if your garage door opener is safe to use or if it needs to be inspected by a professional technician.

Perform a Visual Inspection

Perform a visual inspection by closely examining the parts on the garage door. Check to see if the tracks are parallel to one another or if they’ve begun to slant. Take a close look at the bolts to determine if they are firmly attached or have come loose. You can now inspect the hinges on the garage door to ensure the screws are still firmly attached. If many of the parts are worn down or continue to break, it may be time to consider garage door installation because the feature has likely reached the end of its lifespan.

Perform a Reversal Test

You can check to see if the safety features work well on the door by performing a reversal test. Place a small piece of wood or a concrete block in the pathway of the garage door to determine if it detects the object and reverses in the opposite direction as it’s in motion. If the door fails the test, locate the button on the housing of the door’s motor to ensure you can modify how the door’s descent operates.

Deactivate the Garage Door Opener

Deactivate the garage door opener by pulling the emergency release cord in the opposite direction. Allow the garage door to move manually to ensure that it operates well and doesn’t make any unusual noises or gets stuck. The weight of the door should also be eight to 10 pounds once it’s disconnected.