Minor Adjustments for Extended Garage Health

Perhaps the most important San Luis Obispo garage service available to local residents is the seasonal inspection. A garage door technician can examine your doors and make minor adjustments and even repairs and replacements as necessary. These steps help ensure that your doors function well and that small issues don’t evolve into serious problems.

Avoiding Track Misalignment

For track-based garage door systems, misaligned tracks are a common issue that often results in serious malfunctions or damage if left unchecked. Track alignment should be precise, and there are a number of reasons why it can change over time. Simple wear and tear from the vibrations of usage can loosen bolts and other fasteners, and even cool and warm weather can cause parts to contract and expand.

Keeping Moving Parts Oiled

Every moving part of an automatic garage door has to be oiled in order to ensure that you maximize equipment life span. Oil breaks down over time due to friction, high and low temperatures and dirt. This can lead to track misalignment and cause motors to work harder and thus wear down quicker. Each season, any gunk should be removed and replaced with fresh grease.

Ensuring Proper Insulation

A well-insulated garage door helps ensure that your garage isn’t a problem when it comes to the overall energy efficiency of your home. It also helps ensure that the equipment and materials related to your garage door are maintained at reasonable temperatures. Events such as excessive sweating or the formation of ice can lead to big problems that simple insulation maintenance can easily avoid.

Calibrating Your Opener and Sensors

Seasonal calibration of your sensors ensures that your doors open and close only when they should. An inspection and calibration of the motor itself are important too. Most homeowners would never think of using their lawn mower for years without cleaning them but do exactly that with their openers.