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The Top Two Garage Door Issues You Might Face

Garage doors are a modern marvel that makes our lives that much easier. However, if you are not careful, many issues can arise that can make this device need repair. It’s best to know the issues that can occur early on so you can recognize when it’s time to call for repair.

Dead Transmitter Batteries

Although this is a very simple thing to check, many people do not consider this when their garage door stops working. Always check the batteries first, as it is a simple repair that you can do yourself. Simply open the back of your garage door transmitter and replace the batteries. If the transmitter still does not function after battery replacement, it might be time to call a professional.

Misaligned Track

The metal track that the door glides on must be perfectly aligned for the door to function properly. If the track is not aligned, you will often hear a grinding sound or a rubbing noise as the door is opening or closing. However, it is possible for the track to be so out of alignment that the door will not function at all. Sometimes the misalignment might be obvious, such as a bent track. Many times there will not be an obvious issue with the track, and it will need to be diagnosed using a level and other tools. In any case, this is a repair that you will definitely want to leave to the professionals.

When To Call

With any issue that is more complex that a battery replacement, it’s always a good idea to call a professional San Luis Obispo garage service to make sure that the job is done right. There is too much at risk when repairing a garage door for anything to go wrong, so leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.