types of garage doors

Depending on their needs and preferences, homeowners can choose from many types of garage doors. Garage car doors are different based on the material they are made of and how they open and close. Homeowners also consider the aesthetic value and the theme they want to create in their home when choosing a suitable garage door.

Types based on operating mechanics

The canopy up-and-over is a popular garage door. The door protrudes forming a canopy when open. The canopy up-and-over door can both be opened and closed manually or by the use of a remote mechanism. Unlike other types of garage doors, this type allows room for a wide drive through.

The retractable up-and-over garage door resembles the canopy up-and-over. The contrast is in the location of the arms that raise the door and the drive through space.

The sectional garage door and the roller shutter garage door are the most popular options available to homeowners. The doors can be brought up and down using remote control operation.

Unlike the other first two garage doors, these offer the owner more security. There are round cornered, side hinged, silvelox and many other types of garage doors that modern homeowners can choose based on their operating mechanics.

Types based on the type of material

Homeowners can get steel garage doors. Steel garage doors are usually painted or designed with a composite material finish.

Wood garage doors have various kinds of wood including Meranti, Cedar, Fir and Redwood. Wood garage doors can also be painted to match the house or factory colors.

Homeowners can also get wood composite garage doors that usually have a frame made of wood and sheets of fiberboard. The composite wood doors have realistic details making them appear like real wood.

Manufacturers also make garage doors from fiberglass and steel. The fiberglass garage door has polyurethane insulation. You can get aluminum frame doors and Vinyl doors for your garage.

Homeowners should consult professionals to help them select the best garage door that suits their taste and type of house. With proper installation and maintenance, a garage door will maintain its high quality for longer. Call Precision Overhead Garage Door of San Luis Obispo for more information!